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When it comes to fancy dress, is it a case of anything goes with you or do you have a line to be drawn of which there's no passing?

Asked by ucme (50031points) May 23rd, 2010

On the rare ocassions that require fancy dress, what have you or would you wear.Is there anything that you wouldn’t adorn. No way, no how, no matter what the ocassion or how strongly persuaded to.I’ve been Superman & Dick Turpin by the way.All in the name of charity you understand.

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As long as I’m comfortable in it, I’d wear it. It all depends on the dress and how it fits. I’ve worn some strapless dresses before, but there have been others that I have tried on and there was no way I could be comfortable wearing them.

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I would never wear fur, UGG boots or something that makes me look like a dumb Halloween costume (the ‘slutty’ nurse, maid, etc.)

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Last halloween at work (we all dress up its a good laugh actually) I wore green hospital scrubs, they were soooooooooo comfy I wish I could wear them all the time lol and the year before I was a witch complete with pointy hat and bat earrings :-) the rest of the year I wear a company uniform in disgusting colours that makes me look like a total idiot…. i actually look forward to halloween.
huggles xx

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I would not wear something in which I was not comfortable, period.

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I am a former costume designer, and once-upon-a-time stage performer. I can assure you there is nothing I will not wear (except for propriety now that I’m a grandma).

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I wear the tux when the occasion warrants it. Got big shindig this weekend and may just have to dust of the suit and tie.

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I have dresses for all occasions.It can’t be too short or too low and must be a good color.
As for costumes…I love them! :)

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Always the same choice for me, the simple little black dress with just a hint of accessories.

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