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What would be the most inappropriate job for the wicked witch of the west & what would you have her do for you, if anything?

Asked by ucme (50031points) May 23rd, 2010

Oooh let’s just suspend our disbelief for a moment.There you go that didn’t hurt did it? The funnier, wackier the better.

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She would make a nice employee at a shoe store; I’m sure that acne cream manufacturers could use another spokesperson as well.

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Most inappropriate job for her… working for the samaritans manning the phone lines on night shift, not a whole lot of sympathy there :-) And as for what I’d get her to do for me, good god nothing at all, I love my little dog too much to let her anywhere near him lol GQ again ucme, still chuckling away happily.
hugglys xx

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A water-slide operator. Not only will droplets of stray water burn the hell out of her skin & melt her, she has to deal with those bratty kids who bicker & fight to see who goes down first.

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Imagine the wicked Witch sitting on a chair with crossed legs, asking questions and trying to explain psychology. I can imagine she would say some pretty wacky stuff; she’d try to explain our motives and behavior using her twisted and wicked mindset. It would be entertaining, actually! I would pay for a session… but no more than $15.

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Scuba diving instructor.
President Bush 45’s Director of Homeland Security (cue “monkeys flying out of my apse”)

@VohuManah—nicely done. The shoe reference almost got by me.

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Director of PETA

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Probably not a swimming coach, but a great Hotel manager.

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Housing Inspector. The first job she was on she got killed.

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@TheLoneMonk You are probably thinking of her sister, the WW of the East.

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Indeed you are correct Yarnlady.

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