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What font is this? (Sample link in details.)

Asked by laureth (27174points) May 23rd, 2010

Here’s a sample.

If you don’t know what it is, do you know one similarly fussy-looking? I’d like to match the script on the invite as closely as possible – in spirit, if I can’t get the exact look.

I’ve already tried the Identifont tool with no success.

Thanks for reading. :)

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This isn’t it exactly, but it looks a bit like Curlz MT.

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Ahh! I used to have that exact font on my computer. Pretty sure I got it for free, too, probably from

Gimme a bit of time and I’ll do some research for you, see if I still have it on my PC after several re-formats.

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Thank you thank you! Free is the perfect price, and I bet the people that printed it got it for free, too – it’s just about their price range. :D

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Bwahaha! Found it! The font is called Blackadder ITC, and yes, you can get it for free.

I’m glad it was at the beginning of the alphabet. Going through all of my 1000+ fonts would’ve taken a while.

Edit: oops. Should’ve looked at the page. Not free… so how did I get it? Hmmm…

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The Identifont site is amazing! Thanks for mentioning it!

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OKAY. Never mind my last edit. You can get it for free, just not at that first site I linked. Here’s a site where you should be able to download it. As long as you’re running Windows 2000 or later (or if you have a Mac), you’ll be able to use it.

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GA! I knew the good people of Fluther would help! :D

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@laureth Any time! If you have future font questions, feel free to PM me – I’m a hoarder of them.

GingerMinx's avatar You could try this site, I have used it successfully in the past.

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For future reference, i successfully identified the font from your picture as ITC Blackadder with

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