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Are you excited as I am to see the last episode of "Lost"?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1914points) May 23rd, 2010

I always thought that “the lost” are a bunch of people who stuck in a kind of corridor that separates the entrance to Paradise and Hell. Each entry has its saver: Jacob, the white angel save heaven while his brother the devil wants to put people in hell.

I am really excited to see if my theory is correct. Love it and I’m going to miss this. A series that made me think so much about life, death and the most important things we have and share.

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I actually think it’s all a bad dream, and that tomorrow there’ll be a question about it here on Fluther, asking to analyze just what it all meant.

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Yes, I am extremely excited. :)

The penultimate episode was so excellent, so how could this one not be? I’ve been waiting 5 years for this. Last night I even had a dream that I was inside the show itself (that should show how obsessed I am). My friends and I are going to get Chinese food and then watch the finale together. It’s going to be awesome.

I don’t really have much of a theory on what’s going to happen in the finale, though. Really, anything could happen at this point. I just know what I don’t want to happen: No dreams, no heaven/hell stuff. So sorry, but I hope your theory isn’t true!

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The only thing that I known for sure by the promos is that there is going to be a big explosion and Desmond is playing the main role in it. Interesting!

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I have a few different theories at this point.
But to answer the question, yes.

7 years of suspense, excitement, happiness, aggravation, sadness and frustration and any other emotion are coming to an end.

I’ve been loyal and obsessed since the pilot. The writers have known how this was all going to end before they finished the first episode, so I’m hoping that they manage to answer the rest of the questions that I have.
I can also guarantee that I will be in tears by the end of tonight.

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I’m with @rebbel here. The next morning Kate will wake up and see Jack in the shower. It was all a dream. Everybody else are house guests that they can’t get rid of.

Or Jack will wake up and tell the four siblings he’s been taking care of about this weird dream he had about being a doctor on a wacko island.

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Spoiler: Special guest star Keanu Reeves steps forward, and explains that they have all been caught in the Matrix, and gives them the choice of the red pill, or the blue pill.
Instead, the islanders take off his head.
Spoiler: Special guest star Bob Denver recreates his “Gilligan” character, and is, indeed, the devil.

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Personally I never understood the hype. Overly melodramatic acting and false posturing to ‘make’ a story, and far far too many deux ex machina (or whatever the plural of that is). I avoided the first several years and then in a long fit of sheer boredom started to catch up on

I got into the second (maybe third) season and had about three too many wtf? moments before I finally gave up. It’s Gilligan’s Island as written by Fluther moderators ‘just following the current rules’. Gilligan at least had the benefit of conscious silliness… and only a half-hour wasted per week.

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Or… Everyone finds out the truth and come together in a gigantic group hug. Then they shuffle over towards a box of tissues sitting on a tree stump. The camera zooms out, out, out until you see Walt sitting in a living room playing with a snow globe. Michael comes in from another room and takes Walt out for some chicken at the new chicken place that opened up. Walt puts down the snow globe and leaves with Michael. The camera zooms into the snow globe until you see a miniature version of the island.

Then the snow is replaced by a black fog which fills the globe until it breaks open. A giant ’?’ appears on the screen before it fades to black.

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I don’t think Jacob is the guardian of Heaven, because it turns out, he’s a giant douche and MIB was the good, decent one (right up until he “died” and became Smokey).

Or, alternatively, Jacob is the guardian of Heaven, it’s just the Jewish G-d and his ‘honor thy mother and father’ and ‘I am a jealous G-d’ and ‘Hey, I’m gonna need you to sacrifice your son for me’.

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Yes and no. Sometimes getting what you want isn’t always satisfying – I think this show has completely captured my sense of wonder and finding out how the story ends is going to kill that wonder.

It will be exciting to see it all end but sad and disappointing to say goodbye to something I’ve been following for so long.

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Hmm… I think I was right about the Heaven part. They all dead and now can rest peacefully :-)

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