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IMovie: How to trim music on a project?

Asked by Jeremycw1 (1370points) May 23rd, 2010

I’m creating a car commercial on iMovie, and I’m using some music for the background audio. I dragged it over my clips, and It’s a green box surrounding all of my titles, pics, and videos. I want the music to end before my last video. How do I trim it to be shorter?

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This might be easier to show you. Warning audio

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Thanks for that website. I knew how to do that, but i thought there was an easier way. But thank you for your help!

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I use Audacity when I need to edit audio. Then save as aiff and import into iTunes to put into my movies or slideshows or whatever. To get it the length you want, you can trim, cut, or even speed up the tempo without turning it into the Chipmunks. You can get it here: I don’t know if that’s easier for you, but it works well for me.

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