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What is freezer tape?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) May 23rd, 2010

what is freezer tape? why would someone buy it? what is it used for? why use it over other types of tape?

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Freezer Tape adheres to paper, plastic wrap, and aluminum foil. It provides a tight, moisture resistant seal and is safe from freezer to microwave.

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thanks for copy pasting that from amazon, that helps

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It’s not like I’m trying to hide the fact that I got it from there, and it answers the question, does it not?

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first off that is plagiarism and not citing your source. just because it is not a term paper… its still plagiarism.

And not really, because why wouldnt someone just use duct tape. it does all that too except in the microwave part. or masking tape would work… why would someone microwave tape? or use it in the freezer (except to write on plastic baggies) i just dont get it

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It’s not plagiarism because it’s the description of freezer tape, don’t be silly. :P It’s to describe what it’s used for, it’s not someone’s work.

And like you said, duct tape can’t be used in the microwave, and probably wouldn’t last in the freezer, either. Same as masking tape. One reason that people would want to use tape in the freezer is (likely) to prevent freezer burn from occurring. I would suspect that it allows one to keep something in the freezer longer and not have that weird taste that many thawed foods acquire after being in the freezer for too long.

I’m not as sure why someone would use tape in the microwave.

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i am not being silly it is plagiarism because you are using the exact same words written by someone else and not giving them credit. If there were plagiarism police they would throw you in jail.

Freezer burn occurs because of the moisture that is already in the product that is being froze. sooo i dont think that is it

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Oh, god. It’s not plagiarism, and there’s no way in hell I could get in trouble for doing what I did. You’re weirdly picky.

And freezer burn occurs partly because of the moisture already in the product, yes, but also because the product sometimes isn’t well enough protected from the elements of the freezer. Why do you think people wrap anything at all when they put it in the freezer? To make it prettier? No, to protect it from the freezer and keep it fresh longer.

I’m done now, this is ridiculously annoying.

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@Rememberme Hey, you got your damn answer, now put some freezer tape over that pie hole. ™

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Ummm….enough about what it says on Amazon, @rememberme, it’s similar looking to masking tape, but the adhesive clings even in the freezer—regular masking tape would fall off. You can use it to put a label on something you have wrapped in foil so that you remember what it and when you stored it.

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But, please feel perfectly free to use duct tape if it makes you feel any better.

Just don’t come back complaining about the results.

There’s also another bit of wisdom which you may find interesting.

“You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”

And congratulations ! You are the first (and only) person to make it to the top of my list of people whose future questions I won’t be wasting my time answering. If that’s the pissy attitude I have to look forward to, no thanks.

psst: plagiarism is a big deal on college term papers and publications for which one is a paid professional. Peope on Fluther do this voluntarily and really have little interest in getting beaten over the head (three times over, yet) by a little ingrate with no manners.


GA for you. Nice use of TM.


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So if you already knew what Amazon said, why ask?
Duct tape doesn’t adhere after being frozen.

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@Buttonstc sorry but you have already given me a long winded response where, at most, you told me that your cat died of a stroke. (which was irrelevant to the question).

I am asking because I dont understand the demand that there is for freezer tape. I thought it was because I was unclear of its purpose.
So far i think its concluded that freezer tape is used to label packages in the freezer. I dont quiet understand that because there are many more alternatives which are cheaper and easier to find than freezer tape. I dont understand where there is a market for freezer tape.

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Obviously there’s a market for freezer tape or the companies would have it piling up in their uncleared inventory. So much for that theory. I’m sure they appreciate your concern for them though~~

Wow. You really know how to carry grudges, don’t you?

Were you born with this amazing amount of gall which you delight in displaying toward everyone, or did you find some sort of magical method of cultivating it so as to ensure an endless supply?

Wow. Just wow. You really are amazing.

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I hate to change the subject ~ but I’ve never even heard of freezer tape… or do you mean Frizzer Tape?

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I’ll do my best:

Most conventional tapes don’t adhere very well below freezing temperatures. So if you labeled or taped something up with regular tape in the freezer, it would probably fall off.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it didn’t fall off?

Freezer tape.

Get it?

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The purpose of freezer tape is to be used with freezer paper. I’m a hunter, and when you cut up deer meat to put in the freezer, you wrap it in plastic wrap, and then freezer paper to protect it from prolonged exposure to the harsh elements inside the freezer. When you wrap the paper around the meat you need something to hold it in place, and that is the purpose of this tape. Regular tape will not adhere as well, and will have to be replaced often if the paper is to stay secure.
The same goes for the microwave. Some people take the meat directly from the freezer and begin to thaw it in the microwave. The tape is meant to still adhere to the paper even when in the microwave.

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Freezer Tape: Working in a kitchen at a restaurant, or some other similar establishment that tape is needed to continue to stick when the item it is attached to is kept in cold storage such as a walk in cooler/freezer. All other types of tape does not work.

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I believe the first answer is accurate, and good. Freezer tape does obviously a use, and a market. A common use is along with freezer paper, you can look that up if you please, but freezer paper used to be known as fish paper, as it was used to wrap fish by many markets, back when you can get it from the case, and not all frozen. In the US, it seems the iggest market for freezer tape, and its accompaning freezer paper, is among those who freeze, repackage, or process meats at home, and in some old fashioned deli’s. An interesting side note, I worked in the deli department of a store that always wrapped meats in ‘fish’ paper. The reason was that this store had some locations in Jewish areas, customers that wanted to be descrete about their meat purchases requested it be wrapped in fish paper, to avoid the embarrassment of purchasing a product, such as pork, that orthodox Jews were not supposed to eat.
I use freezer tape, along with freezer paper to wrap the deer meat I process, as do many others who process the meat.

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I was just searching for microwave-safe tape or microwave-safe paint because a bit of paint has chipped off inside, exposing metal. While that may not be the fix, I was curious what out there is microwave durable, because while most tape clearly wouldn’t explode, it would certainly melt enough to stop working. The original answer here clearly answered most of the questions asked (“what is freezer tape?” and “what is it used for?” and “why use it over other types of tape?”). About the only question not specifically answered is “why would someone buy it?” but surely we can all think of reasons for wanting to tape something that’s stored in the freezer and later needs to be microwaved. If the original question was more about markets or demographics or who businesses sell to, it would have been helpful if that was stated, no doubt, rather than setting a trap for the question answerers and then pouncing on them. The manufacturers I’m sure are deeply embroiled in a lawsuit as we speak over that two-sentence incident of “plagiarism.” Oh, no, whatever you do—please don’t repeat our crisp description of what our product does! The nerve of some helpful volunteers of information…what is this world coming to?

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Rememberme, you didn’t search long enough on wikipedia. Here is what W says: “The adhesive applied to a tape is often a critical determining factor for a given masking situation. There are three thin types of adhesives (with many chemical variations of each): rubber-based, acrylic-based, and silicone-based. Rubber-based adhesives generally provide the greatest adhesion, but the lowest temperature resistance. Acrylic-based adhesives offer a wide temperature range, providing adhesion from sub-freezing temperatures up to 275–325 °F (about 150 °C). Silicone-based adhesives provide the highest temperature resistance, with some tapes (such as some polyimide films and glass cloth tapes) allowing for intermittent use up to 500 °F (260 °C).”

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@dspos a bit of paint has chipped off inside, exposing metal

According to this DIY article, appliance paint (either the brush-on type or spray paint) should be used to repaint it. If a can of spray costs more than you want to spend, you might find a smaller can of the brush-on type that costs less.

~See, that’s not plagiarism. It’s a link!

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