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What is the Difference between a healthcare and a welfare?

Asked by SassyPink (279points) May 23rd, 2010

Also what is the differences between a welfare and a safety net?

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i am going to assume you mean “universal healthcare” or “Obamacare” or whatever people choose to call it. I also assume you mean welfare provided by the United states government…

please be a bit more specific, specially sense it could be a controversial topic.

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Tell us what you want to know. Your question is not sensible.

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@Rememberme yes, I meant the universal health care and the government welfare provided in the US.

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Healthcare is restricted to care for your heath.
Welfare is care for your general wellbeing.

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Healthcare is limited to the treatment and prevention of sickness.
Universal healthcare generally means a government backed and funded healthcare coverage of everyone.
Welfare covers costs of living, like housing, water, electricity, food. This includes the safety net.
Government healthcare in the US (which existed since 1965 for medicare/medicaid, and 1778 for veterans) only covers certain groups, like very poor people, seniors or veterans, not everyone and each group has its own administrative programme.

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I know welfares are given to certain individuals (by the government) that are usually in need of financial aid, food stamps, and with low incomes, etc. It also goes to those family unit with a single parent and a child and family unit with a disability.
I also know that healthcare are given to certain individuals that are in need of medical insurances.

I just wanted to distinguished the differences between how individuals receive welfare and universal healthcare based on certain circumstances/requirements. And what steps does it take for people to become eligible to earn them?

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Under Obama? Not much. Both will tax the middle class to pay for services for those who either can’t or ( more likely ) won’t work.

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I think you are trying to compare apples and oranges. They are both services from the government that help peoples well-being but beyond that it get wildly complicated.

If you are in need to any kind of welfare, i would recommend going to or calling your towns family services office. If they cant help you they will direct you to the right place. Usually there is some kind of interview process where you explain to need for welfare and they examine your income and living expense (They want to see paystubs and receipts) . In the case of unemployment insurance they sometimes call your previous employer.

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What is the difference in free interstate highways and welfare? What is the difference in a tax supported air traffic control system and network of major airports and welfare? What is the difference in a Military to protect us from attack and welfare?

One can legitimately debate whether the government should involve itself in providing some or even all people with healthcare services through taxation. But labeling it welfare is rather silly unless you want to label everything government does with our taxes as welfare, and you yearn for a paradise like Somalia where there are no taxes and whatever you get, you fight for.

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Universal health care plans are a special type of insurance. A welfare component in it would mean that low-income people pay lower premiums while getting the same treatments. That’s what we’ve got in Germany for many decades.

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@tedd The new Cons live in a universe based on right-wing ideology. Facts do count, but only when they fit perfectly with the ideology. Any facts that are in conflict with right-wing beliefs don’t count.

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