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Who would you want to sit next to on a cross country flight?

Asked by Seaofclouds (23087points) May 24th, 2010

I’m flying from the east coast (Philadelphia) to the west coast (Seattle) today by myself. The topic came up in chat and we were talking about who we would want to sit next to on the flight (not counting significant others). It was an interesting conversation, so I figured I’d bring it to all of fluther as well. So, who would you want to sit next to for the flight and why?

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama awesome

and willie nelson of course, he would have a guitar

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Johnny Depp (for eye candy) and Natalie Portman (for eye candy and conversation).

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Alan Rickman.

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I personally wouldn’t anybody sitting next to me famous or not. I really want to punch the person in the face who is sitting next to me, and using me as a pillow.
But since the question is who do I want to have sitting next to me, I would have to say my teddy bear, because it can’t snore, drool, or use me as a pillow.

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I would prefer the seat next to me be empty.

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If I had to I’d like to sit next to Christian Slater mmm It would help eliviate the boredom just by looking at him! Ermm I’d like to sit next to Cat Stevens, he seems an interesting bloke to chat to. Possibly the writers of lost to find out what the heck they were thinking making a series about not very much last so long! Jim Morrison Marc Bolan to get a little drunk with ;)

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Stephen King could tell me scary stories, my best friend would keep me laughing, President Obama would be very interesting. I’d love to pick his brain! Now, someone to sing me to sleep…

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Robin Williams

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John Locke. Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

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Willie Shoemaker

Interesting conversion and plenty of room to stretch out.

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A crying baby! Wait, no, I mean Bruce Campbell.

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Bill Moyers

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Wolfman Jack. he could tell me all about the music of the 60s and his DJ work at the radio station he worked and if American Graffiti, the movie, is authentic compared to those days in the 60s.

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@john65pennington—Have you visited the Wolfman Jack Museum ? You might enjoy it.

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Pretty much anybody who doesn’t try to chat me up, doesn’t hog the arm rest, doesn’t jab their elbows into my sides, doesn’t take up a seat and a half, and who doesn’t smell.

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Foghorn Leghorn ;)

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Yarnlady, i visited the Wolfman site and read his history. i was actually around to listen to Wolfman Jack, starting in 1958. i was 15 and the radio signal bombarded Nashville. i began my love for rock and roll music with Wolfman Jack. he not only played rock and roll music, but he is responsible for the crossover of ryhthm and blues into rock and roll. yeah, i use to listen to the Wolfman each night. he difinetely had a style all his own. thanks for the info.

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A deaf mute on sedatives would be nice.

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Symbeline, to catch up on zombie lore.

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Empty, please.

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Stephen Fry or Michael Palin

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Fergie, but I wonder if she would be in the mood for talking!

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God. He’s got some esplainin’ to do.

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The mother traveling with her first baby. She’s going to need all the support she can get and I’ve had some practice with this so maybe I could help a little.

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Patrick Stewart. I’d just love to hear his accent for several hours. :-)

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Someone who isn’t traveling with a screaming baby.

Yes, I like children, but it isn’t fun to be stuck—in close quarters and with nowhere else to go—with a baby who cries and howls non-stop. And, yes, I do have compassion for the parent who’s trying so hard to keep the baby quiet, but I wouldn’t choose to be that person’s seatmate for 6 hours.

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Next to someone carrying an enraged cockatoo.

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Stephen Fry, the man is endlessly fascinating, the sweetest man alive and a great hugger :-) @susanc agreed <hugs> as you can tell from my profile pic
hugglys everyone xx

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Lily Allen.

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You guys have some awesome choices! I haven’t started that leg of my journey yet, so who knows who I’ll be sitting next to. I do know that the flight is full, so at this point, I will be next to someone.

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My boyfriend would be lovely company, because I know I’d be able to sit next to him for a cross county flight and I can cuddle with him and make kissy faces.
He is my most favorite company.

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Steven Spielberg
Mark Twain
Dean Koontz
George Lopez
Meryl Streep
Paul McCartney
John Steinbeck
Nikola Tesla

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Thor Heyerdahl. The most interesting anthropologist to ever have the results of his life-changing experiment filed under “neat stunt, but we’re thinking this now.”

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Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf.

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I fly, frequently ,from Pennsylvania to all around the world. If I can’t get business class, I prefer an aisle seat because I have a problem with blood clots in my right leg. Additionally, you don’t have to crawl over anyone to go the the bathroom or walk around.

Never, Never take a center seat if you are traveling alone.

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@Ron_C Amen to that!

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I got off on a rant and forgot to answer the question.

If I had a choice, I’d sit next to Pres. Obama. He has had an interesting life, has some great ideas, I have some ideas to share with him.

This also means that I would be flying on Air Force One and I hear the seats are comfortable and the meals are pretty good. I don’t think they have a luggage weight limit either.

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Who else could there be but Warren Buffet? I would love to be able to pick his brain.

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