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What would you do if you would be alone on Earth for a day?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) May 24th, 2010

You wake up one day and you find out that you’re the only human on Earth for that day.
What would you do that day?(You can do illegal things,travel anywhere instantaneously)

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I would first head to the store, and hope like hell, that the stores are open, so I can get the money out of the registers, then I would make my way to the bank, and hopefully, the safe is open, and of course empty that out. I personally think that I would just aim for the banks, and nothing else.

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On just that one day, or permanently?

If it were permanent, I’d make reallly really sure to avoid accidentally dropping my reading glasses and then, while searching for them, hear the crunch when I step on them and they break into pieces.

Sorry for the old Twilight Zone reference. It was the first thing that popped into my head the second I read the question.

But it’s not a classic for nothing, after all.

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I said in the question that you are alone for only one day

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It would be so eerie I would probably stay in and read.

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I’d most likely roam around butt naked & maybe take a dump on the white house lawn, on a whim of course.

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an intersting question. i would read an inetersting novel sothat i can forget i’m lonely. I think it is terrible if i would be alone on Earth for a day.

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Mmmm I think I would have to check out all the restricted zones around the world, just to see why they are restricted, then go and try on loads of expensive clothes in th stores I am too scared to go in because the ashop assistants are so intimidating when you aren’t a size 0! If I could I might “borrow a few!”

Then I would check out the furniture stores and kit out my house only problem would be I couldn’t lift the stuff, maybe hack into the system and organise a free delivery for the following day?

Simple stuff really, I’d have to make sure my dog was still awake so I could take him for a nice peacful walk, not having to worry about other dogs atttacking him!

And I’d like to have a nosey at some of my neighbours houses to see what they are really like!!

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Well, in that case, I’d go for the money, albeit in a different way.

Firstly, I’d wear a disguise because of the prevalence of automatic security cams nowadays.

The I’d hit all the jewelry stores rather than banks or other stores. Diamonds are a whole lot easier to carry than are big wads of cash.

So, I’d be set for life. Kind of like winning a lottery without all the needless publicity.


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Go to various expensive car shops and drive the shit out of them.

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One day? – sleep

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I would drive downtown full bore then go home and take a nap.

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I’d probably be racing around with @Blackberry and trying to get to the coolest cars first.

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I agree with the bank heist. A disguise is needed for sure.

Then I’d go home and sleep.

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I think I would cry.

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I would sing “My Way” from the rooftop of Cobo Arena in Detroit—whaaa haaa haaaa—;)

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@Buttonstc It’s not fair!!!! It’s just not fair!!!!

Seriously, though, I think I’d go to my local Barnes and Noble and hole up in there. There’s a supermarket right next door, too, for munchies.

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I go nab lucille’s dragonfly painting.

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I would go to the pentagon and read all the top secret info, I would head to my states lotto dept and see if I can rig the ball machine to work in my favor or just go print out about 14 million lottery tickets with all the compbinations, head to Area 51 and debunk the UFO people, Head to Hubble Space telescope and take a couple snapshots for my album, then after that I would head to Tahiti and relax on the beach, maybe snorkel or scuba dive while waiting for the day to end.

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I’d disguise myself as a squirrel and run around for the full 24hrs hiding and hoarding shiny things and money (oh and every TV remote I come across just because I can) so I can come back at a later date and collect it all.

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I would most probably only notice it at 23.55.

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The entire day would likely pass by without me realizing that I was alone. It’s not unusual for me to not see another person for a day. I’m something of a recluse.

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I am alone on Earth most weekends. C’mon over and we’ll have a cookout.

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Hoard as many powerful explosives as I can, along with every colour of spray-in hair-colouring imaginable! And all the awesome-looking lighters I can find. And stickers & temporary tatoos. And mohawk glue! I’d steal all the jerky in the world: Beef, turkey, ostrich, duck….but no reptiles, canines, or felines. I’d raid the stores of all the awesome clothes & random accessories I like, & corpse paint! And glow-in-the-dark make-up, & fake blood, & Scarecrow vampire fangs! And I’d steal chocolate for Ellie, & glowsticks for Rachel.

Then I’d go blow shit up.

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I’m with @stranger_in_a_strange_land

I live on a secluded property and can easily go a few days without seeing others, so I already DO spend time alone on earth on a regular basis.

All you would be thieves….shame, shame on you! lol

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I’d have a go at singstar.

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I’d probably just relax. Drink a couple beers, fly a kite, read a little, and enjoy the alone time.

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I would yell out horrible things about people I can’t stand, to get it all off my chest. No one would hear me, so I would just let rip….....

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Hmmm, I’d get my hands on all the money I possibly could to build a travel fund for me and a college fund for my kids. I’d read a little, sunbathe a little, make paper snowflakes, devour a pizza and maybe get tipsy. I think I’d have a little fun by sneaking into the White House and relieve myself in Obama’s favorite shoes. Then I’d spend the rest of the day just relaxing, maybe in Scotland or Ireland…

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I would write funny one-liners in General. All. day. long.

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@Buttonstc That episode made me cry.

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I’d go to the nearest National Guard or Reserve armory, appropriate a tank, and flatten every bank, insurance office and government office I could find! : D

And IRS offices would get SPECIAL attention! Mwahahahaha!

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I would be in the White house seating on Obama’s chair all day

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I guess the very first thing I would be thankful for was…

that I didn’t wake up all alone on an airplane in flight;
that I wasn’t strapped into a strait jacket (I hate when that happens) or a locked cell;
that I didn’t wake up from major surgery needing assistance to… well, to do anything, without being too specific;
that I woke up in my own bed and didn’t need to get somewhere in a hurry (I hate waking up in these dreams locked outside of the house in the winter).

After all of those conditions were fulfilled, then the rest of the day would hardly matter—it’s already a major win.

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Do a few heists in the morning so that I’m set up for life.
Teleport myself on top of Mount Everest and into the White House for a few mins just for a laugh. Cruise around Tokyo, NYC and some other cities in some fancy cars for a bit. Then around noon grab my board and skate Burnside for a few hours. Raid some stores and spraypaint the city. Then spend the evening in the Sahara.

Well that’s the plan. I’d probably oversleep and would have to skip Mt Everest, the White House and driving around in some cities. But no way I’m skipping the heists and skating Burnside.

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If I knew that everyone was coming back, then I would pull out my paints, pencils and charcoal and draw for the full 24 hours.

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Visit a lot of banks

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Collect and then hoard as much money as I could from wherever I could.

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I would steal a car and spend all day driving round like a lunatic. I’ve never been able to drive legally because of being visually impaired, but if the roads are empty, it won’t matter.

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