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What Breakfast Makes You Feel Energized?

Asked by GrumpyGram (822points) May 24th, 2010

Do bacon and eggs make you feel sick? Have you switched to a fruit or veggie smoothie for breakfast? Dumped coffee? What do You eat or drink for breakfast that makes you feel energized and ready to start the day?

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I have been having yogurt, fresh fruit and granola parfaits for breakfast lately and my energy level if pretty darn good! Bacon and eggs are yummy but make me feel sluggish compared the the parfait.

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Oatmeal,baby!Yeah! :)
—no foofy parfaits for me!—lol

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I think that the perfect breakfast is a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats, a glass of water, a glass of orange juice, and supernova with salt & pepper.

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@jfos supernova? what is that?

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Bowl of shredded wheat, a banana, and a Mountain Dew. Breakfast of champions.

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@lucillelucillelucille Oatmeal is for gluing up wallpaper!

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@jfos for breakfast?
what do you do for lunch?

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@Cruiser -Parfaits are for people that can’t swim.If you eat oatmeal,you will be able to walk like this…

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@NRO Salad with tuna, yogurt, and sometimes crackers.

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@lucillelucillelucille that is how you will be walking after eating your wallpaper paste! lol!

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@Cruiser -That’s right! I will look good doing it too! :)

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I have a bowl of Just Right every morning. I get hungry if I have something different, like my stomach has not realised that I’ve eaten breakfast.

Breakfast is something that I really need a routine for. I used to have three Weet-bix with honey, then I moved on to two pieces of wholemeal toast with raspberry jam and glass of Milo. The Just Right thing has been going on nearly every day for three years.

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I can’t really eat in the morning, so it’s really lunch, but….

Organic beef friend in fresh butter & garlic, still a bit red in the middle.
An egg friend in the leftover beef juice.
All that on whole wheat bread.
Ham fried in honey.
Bacon fried in maple syrup.
The ham is wrapped around the bacon.
Oatmeal made with honey, cinnamon, syrup, & cream.
Apples diced & mixed in with the oatmeal.
And top it all off with iced coffee.

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I was just thinking of this question last night. Anyway, I love breakfast, the bigger the better most of the time. Eggs over easy, bacon or sausage, hash browns, rye toast. On the days I have oatmeal, I also fix some kind of meat, usually bacon and toast. Some days I have eggs in a basket with bacon or sausage. Oh, and it has to be a premium bacon or sausage. Grits are one of my favorites too with ham. I just love breakfast, its what really gets my day going….ok, I’ll stop rattling on. bacon, sausage, ham…

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Anything with lots of sugar will give you instant boost of energy but disturb your neuron system later. I usually eat recipe with eggs,vegetables,and fruits as its main ingredients.

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liquid wheaties for me

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If it includes orange juice I am good to go the rest, is what ever. But I do enjoy a good egg sandwich and some fresh fruit.

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