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Have you been to Peru? Can you tell me your experiences? Details inside.

Asked by TheLoneMonk (2892points) May 24th, 2010

My daughter is heading to Peru today. She will land in Lima and then take a bus north to Chimobte where she will work for two weeks. I would be interested to hear about your experiences while in Peru and especially if you ever visited Chimbote. Maybe you can help quell two weeks of nerves.

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my brother just got back from a 2 week trip there. but he was backpacking. they almost died in a flash flood while high up in the mountains. other than that he loved it, although he said the cities (i cant remember which ones he was talking about) were kind of shatty. he also said they were a lot of fun though and the karaoke bars were through the roof.

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I have relatives there right now. Part of their journey included a 6 hour ride upriver by motorized canoe. We haven’t heard from them since. ;-) (They’re at a nature reserve.)

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I’ve been to Peru and taken plenty of buses. Some buses are very luxurious, with Cruz del Sur being the highest quality. The journeys are typically very long. Many bus companies have a closed off compartment for the driver, making it harder to hold up the bus to rob. In the Lima terminal they also video taped each passenger so they could identify someone who tries to rob the bus.
Coca tea throughout the day makes life easier in the mountains.

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Wow Monkie, I forgot she was leaving today!! Yikes! All will be well. Just keep taking your medication from Dr. High Life.

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My son is living there for a year, teaching ESL in a Lima university. Has been there since February, and having a great time. He has done long trips by bus, and said the buses were great. We will be visiting in July, so watch this space!!

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