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Have you ever gotten business cards from any of those websites that offer very discounted prices, and if so, were the business cards satisfactory?

Asked by MagicalMystery (900points) May 24th, 2010

i was on Amazon the other day, and i saw an ad from a company that i won’t even name (so nobody thinks i am paid to plug them) that offered very discounted business cards, like for only a few dollars plus shipping and handling. i have seen similar types of ads before from other printers – very cheap cards, almost too cheap to pass up. i am wondering if anybody on Fluther has ever gotten business cards from a discounter like that or if you know anybody who has, and if the cards were satisfactory to you?

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Yes, and yes. I’ve used Print123 and been happy with the results.

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Yes we have bought the discount business cards (EXTREMELY cheap, I might say), and yes they were nice quality cards.

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I know someone who uses regularly for their business and are satisfied with their product.

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I order from every year. With shipping it’s $9.66 for 250 cards. ($3.99 for the cards, $5.67 shipping).

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I like them, and the quality is very good, but they usually have their logo on the back of the card. At least that was the way it was with the free Vistaprints cards I got.

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Yup. Yup.

‘cept ya gotta have their logo on the back.

To some that may look cheap, to other’s, it may show that you know how to stretch a purchasing dollar!

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Vistaprint’s $3.99 cards do not have the Vistaprint advertising on the back (their free cards do).

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I’ve been in the design business thirty years and am very picky about quality. None of those instant print places do a good enough job, all the ones I’ve seen look like cheap color laser prints on flimsy paper. If the paper bends, the toner cracks and flakes off.

Best compromise between price & quality I’ve seen is at I use them for my cards, promotional materials, and have referred others to them for a couple years.

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Vistaprint. The price is low, and the quality is excellent.

But, I use a union printer for envelopes, letterhead, labels, and all other stationery; I want a union bug on everything. Interestingly, my printer recommended that I use Vistaprint, instead of his shop, for business cards. The printer required an huge minimum number of cards in my order, and the expense would have been very high. (How honest is that, a merchant actually turning down business to be fair and help out a client?)

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I have used Vistaprint numerous times and have never been disappointed in their paper products. I have gotten business cards, banquet invitations, note pads, programs, flyers and postcards – all very good.

Sign up for their site and you will get emails for free things all the time. In fact, almost everything I’ve gotten from there has been free.

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Yes. I ordered the free ones from Vista. No, they were not satisfactory. The back of each card is an advertisement and I didn’t like the flat appearance. I order my cards locally from a printer because I like raised lettering.

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