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Is there a GPS device that can do this?

Asked by juniper (1905points) May 24th, 2010

Okay, I want my GPS to act like google maps. That is, I want it not only to identify my route, but to show the entire thing to me. (Preferably the way google maps does it, with step by step directions in written format.) I also want it to show me alternative routes, and to allow me to alter a route slightly.

The Garmin 1300 that I have now doesn’t seem to do this. I can peek at the route on a map, but I can’t see any exit numbers or specifics until I’m at that point in the trip. And apparently, I can’t ask for an different route or change an existing one (which is a big problem when you come across unexpected road work).

Does this feature exist? It must, right? What is it called? The electronics guy at Walmart had no idea.

There’s a small chance that my current device has this feature, and that I missed it. I spent a long time looking, though.

Thank you!

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I have both TomTom and Garmin that has a “Find Alternate Route” feature wherein you can ask the unit to find another route. Additionally, at the start of a trip you can specifiy whether to avoid or prefer certain road types (ie. choose highways over local roads, or avoid toll roads, etc).

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@njnyjobs: Thanks! Which models do you have?

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I have the TomTom One 130 but can’t remember the exact model of the garmin Nuvi.

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My Magellan Roadmate lists the specifics when you ask for the turn list. I can also choose Fastest, Shortest, Most Freeway, or Least Freeway and do detours to avoid certain areas.

Considering that I have the lowest model (I basically use the thing as a self-scrolling may with a “You are here!” indicator, so I don’t need much), I would imagine that nearly any GPS can do at least that, and probably more.

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My Tom-Tom one does all this. It also knows where construction is happing (via internet) and automatically routes around it,

You can also “preview trip” and it will show you the entire route with all the exits and turns. It will also let you program side trips into your route (like go to Aunt Ruth’s via way of Grandma’s.

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