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I need a symbol/imagery for the future.

Asked by hart (8points) May 24th, 2010

more specific the future of design

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“Will work for food” ... printed on business cards.

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Maybe some kind of arrow pointing upward, perhaps to the right a bit.

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Something like this?

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I’ve always liked Retrofuturism and Raygun Gothic, as far as futuristic visual styles go.

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I like the business card twist.

How about a white business cars with a red dot on it.

Caption: You are here.

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I like the idea of the dot, but to take it a step further you could do the piece of imagery in a 3 frame work, start with just one small dot or ink splotch which would represent the singularity of design. Next frame would be an explosion of that ink splotch to form other larger particles of ink. Then last frame would be those particles of ink coalescing to form different shapes and lines. The Big Bang of Design.


You could have a picture or image of a beautiful nebula but instead of particles floating around and coalescing to form stars and planets you could have them forming shapes or other objects representing design.

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Go retro-futuristic with Sid Meade or fanciful with Rem Koolhaas

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