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How can I find someone using their phone?

Asked by Jaybee (220points) March 15th, 2008 from iPhone

I have reason to believe a friend has gone to take his life. After a couple of weeks of not feeling well he called from the car crying and saying how much he loved everyone. We were unable to get him to tell us where he is going. He hung up. Police have been notified but the not until 24 hrs missing rule is in effect still.
Is there no service available that can find someone by their phone ? His phone keeps ringing as we continue to call him so he did not turn of off.
Is there a way to track him or to remotely make his phone dial 911?

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Try Tap & Go. From what I understand, they are developing a way to locate people via their triangulated cellular position.

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thanks. I tried to Google this but can’t find anything about this service. Is there another way to spell it?

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If the person you need to locate hasn’t installed the app on their phone you can’t do anything. And thank God. I really don’t want anyone to find me by my phone.

The Federal Government in collaboration with AT&T might be able to get a location. But I doubt they would help unless you said “Terrorist” a few times.

I would just suggest keeping in contact with the police. The phone won’t really help you in this situation.

And good luck, I hope your friend is alright.

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I’m no stalker. And I’m no friend either. The police found him dead the next day from a self inflicted gun shot wound.
My gratitude to everyone here for trying to help.

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