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Do I really need an Open Sign for my shop?

Asked by dyln4dan (1points) May 24th, 2010

Do I really need an open sign for my shop? My competitor uses such an advertising tool and I’m a bit skeptical about its appeal to my prospected customers.

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You can save money on the sign and decide to just keep your door open.
Until you close the shop for the day.

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How about just having a printed “Hours of Opening” sign permanently on your door?

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I think you do.People like to see from the street if you’re open or not before they go park their car and walk over :)

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if r shop is not lit enough so people can be seen easily inside, get a sign.

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It depends on how “out of the ordinary” your opening hours are. If you open at 8 and close at 6, you don’t need a sign. If you, say, open at 6am and close at 10pm, or if you’re open till 4am or something unusual like that, you might want to have a lit sign for people who would otherwise drive by and assume you were closed.

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I like to see from the street if a place is open or closed, so I would get a sign. You don’t necessarily have to get the neon signs, but just a cardboard one would be good.

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Make it a welcome sign instead.

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Have the sign. a new liquor store opened in a small town. the store was located near a big intersection. because the way the store was built and its dark windows, a person never knew if the store was open or closed. the owner finally purchased a one and a half foot tall neon OPEN sign and his business has since flourished. i would definetely buy a red neon sign and let it flash. it grabs more customers this way. especially, the sober ones.

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What kind of business do you have? Hours of operation is pretty standard.

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yes, definitely a sign, regardless of your type of business or hours. i like the neon signs. you can see them from across the street, don’t have to drive up to the store front.

for your store hours, paint the numbers large. you wouldn’t believe how many times i have to walk right up to the storefront because i can’t see the numbers from my car

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