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For those of you who believe in the existance of souls & possibly reincarnation: Do souls have a gender?

Asked by Draconess25 (4448points) May 24th, 2010

First of all, I don’t need any bullshit about how “souls & reincarnation don’t exist”. This question is for the people who do believe.

In most of my past lives, I was male. Does this mean that I have a male soul?

Or are souls genderless, & it’s just coincidence that my past incarnations were male?

What do you think?

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Only post if you agree with me and the rest of you are full of bullshit. Nice.

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@Rarebear I’m just kinda grumpy right now, & I’m sick of people treating me like a dumbass today. Sorry if I offended you.

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Gender is an earthly need. As you will become one with the same spiritual body.

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i believe we can change genders in other lives.
In Atlantis, I believe people were neutral and not with gender. Just souls wandering.

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@Rarebear Not quite. The question says “For those of you who believe…” If you don’t, it’s just rude to show up and belittle the beliefs of others. Either put yourself in the asker’s shoes answer as if you do believe or GTFO.

@Draconess25 Interesting question… I really want to agree with @ChazMaz but… I was born female-bodied but am definitely not female. And I’m not sure what it is that tells me this, if not my soul. I think I’m going to have to ponder this one for a while…

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@MacBean The question also reads, “I don’t need any bullshit about how “souls & reincarnation don’t exist”. My comment stands.

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Do souls have a gender. Great question but I have no idea. How can we know the answer? I don’t even know what a “soul” is. It’s invisible ; is it your personality? hmm..

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@Rarebear: So does mine. If you show up on a question “for those of you who believe” to say that it’s all crap, you are an ass and you don’t belong there.

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I believe that the souls are genderless. So when the time comes, the soul decides what it wants to be. But anything is possible.

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“I was born female-bodied but am definitely not female.”

Not an issue on a spiritual level. You have to remove “the face of man” from God.

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Good question. I do believe that gender is an earthly need, as @ChazMaz said. I don’t believe gender is of any significance on a spiritual level – I couldn’t imagine so at least. Having said that, how am I to know? :)

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—@MacBean I wonder who is acting more like an ass?—

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To me souls are energy forms or memory banks of the life form that once possessed that energy. So I would expect that memory to contain the gender aspects of the life force and remain until that energy is re-assimilated into the next life form.

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I don’t think souls have a gender – we should learn from them.

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I believe a persons soul is the purest form of love and so therefore has no gender attachment. Can a man love any less than a woman or vise versa?
If one believes in just going to heaven and being made in Gods image than I would think like him/her we are of no real gender.
If one believes in reincarnation than the belief involves being reborn to we reach perfection. So do we all become female or male? I would think we become neither but rather combination of life lessons that resulted in us reaching the perfection of love. Neither male or female.
Either way, to become perfect we must release our physical bodies because it is limiting.
I don’t think as my soul as being female or male, but rather just me. I don’t think as my soul as my personality.

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Thank you for asking this question.

I believe in Spirit and soul and reincarnation. I do not believe that souls have gender.

You might be interested in this book

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I agree 100% with MacBean, aren’t you supposed to stay on topic rarebear?

Getting back on the topic, I don’t believe the spirit has a gender, from many past life regression studies it has been found that the spirit itself doesn’t have a gender but may have a gender preference during physical lifetimes. Not all but many spirits tend to be male or female oriented during their physical lives.

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That’s why I was “whispering”. In any case, if it’ll make everybody feel better, I’ll quit following this question and leave y’all to your fantasies.

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@Jabe73 That explains a lot. Thanks!

And you can give Rarebear a break. It was my fault for saying that.

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Why do you need to apologize? You had every right to phrase the question the way you did. Does rarebear show other people respect? Look at his last response! I will remember that next time he asks a question.

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@Jabe73 Well, I can see where he’s coming from. I considered the possibility of it being offensive when I posted the question, so I had it coming whan I proceded to leave it.

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Tough call.

It’s made fairly clear in the Scriptures that there won’t be any sex or need for reproduction in the hereafter; if we assume that form follows function, then that would imply that there is no gender.
Supernatural entities in the Bible sometimes come with gendered pronouns.
The relationship between Jesus and the Church is indicated by the text as analogous to that of a groom and bride. The text extends the metaphor, likening Heaven to a wedding reception.

My own opinion is that the soul has no gender.

@GrumpyGram It’s been said that you are a soul that has a body, if that helps.

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@Nullo If that is the belief in the scriptures then why is there such a problem among the religious with homosexuality? Isn’t the soul the part of us that God is concerned with?

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@Nullo – Right. As the bible talks about it. WE are ALL to become the “brides” of Christ.
A woman can accept that, but if you inject gender into it can make it hard to swallow as a man. But, as we know, it is metaphorical. The meaning being we become one with God.

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@JLeslie God is as much concerned with our physical existence as He is the spiritual.
If you want to get into particulars, the various prohibitions in Scripture are aimed at the practice of homosexual behavior.

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The soul would most likely be genderless. When combined with orientation, there is an almost infinite combination. So if gender/orientation were attached to the soul, the transmigration process would be complex (I’m making many assumptions here). Natural processes tend towards the simplest solution (another sweeping assumption). So if we assume that a) the soul exists and b) it migrates upon death into a new being. it’s more likely that gender isn’t attached to it. I suppose we won’t really know until we end this life.

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No, we are not. I am a female now and enjoy being so. I am also good at it. Yet, I know I have been a male as well. I was probably better at that.
Oh! I too have read “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton. Great book!!

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