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Would you date a stripper/exotic dancer ?

Asked by dutchbrossis (1379points) May 24th, 2010

Just curious. Would it bother you, if so why ? What would you look at it as, would you be jealous or realize it is just a job ? One more question, if you were already with someone who decided they wanted to become an exotic dancer for fun, what would you say ?

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Sure, it;s just their job, its not who they are.

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I wouldn’t date anyone other than who I am now. But if they decided to, it wouldn’t bother me. As long as I got free lap dances! XP

My brother dated a prostitute. Does that count?

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I would date someone who models for artists ,but not a dancer…something about flailing about with your pants off…it’s too much like golf.Yes,that’s it ;)

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I would be friends with a stripper/exotic dance, but I don’t think I could be in a relationship with one.

I know it is just a job and not who they are, but I suppose my morals just don’t flow with that.
And it isn’t that I don’t like people with that job, I just can’t see myself in a happy relationship with one.

That’s why I’m with who I am with! That and it is pretty uncommon (around where I live) to find a male stripper/exotic dancer.

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I dated a gal that I didn’t find out until a month into our dating she was a dancer before and she was a good golfer too. ;)

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If I were single, sure. An wizened old wizard like me would figure my magic wand had finally kicked in if such a cutie took any interest in me. :-)

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Keyword is “date”.

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@ChazMaz Ok how about have a serious relationship with ?

@Draconess25 Although there is a big difference between prostitutes and dancers yes, I just don’t say prostitute because almost no one would date or be with a prostitute.Even if they lived in one of the few places where it was legal. lol

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Sure, why not.

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i would be willing to date, seriously, a stripper. I don’t think having a job like that immediately makes them a bad person. it’s often a job of need.

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They make pretty good money. I would be willing to date a male stripper. :-)

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So I have. And obviously, would again.

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Having known several of them, my answer is 99% no but there’s always an exception, I suppose.

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“Ok how about have a serious relationship with ?”

Nope. They have a professional flaw.

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@ChazMaz Can you explain the flaw ?

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Not likely. Unless they were supermodel hot and had an amazing personality – which is a rarity to find hand and hand.

I’m not even the super jealous type, either. More or less it’s the environment they would likely be around that I wouldn’t like.

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To be honest, no, but I can not stereotype them just because I have never met a studious stripper.

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Negative. i have seen first hand, when this happens. this person carries too many past shadows. they will be there to haunt her all her life. knew this ex-stripper that married this man and never told him about her past. he never knew of it, until one day she and her husband met an “old stripper client” and all hell broke loose. their marriage ended in a divorce.

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I wouldn’t mind

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A friend of mine went out with a dancer who worked in Larry Flint’s. She was great! She tried to get into other work, but the money always drew her back to dancing.

As for me, it would really depend on the person. I’m not saying that the stripping wouldn’t put me off; it would certainly make me think twice. But I’d give it a whirl. I’m pretty sure my husband would too!

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If I wanted a handful of STD’s and Super Herpes.

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The kind of girl that I’m interested in would not be entertaining notions of exotic dancing in the first place. An inclination derived from a primary criterion, not a criterion in its own right.

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A wise person once said that you can’t confuse a person with what they do for a living. Being a stripper does not make you a person of low morals, being high in society does not mean you automatically have the highest morals either. That’s just an assumption thats sometimes made by folk. I really do believe that some people are just not as inhibited about their body, or about nakedness, and good for them because I’ve always been the opposite my whole life, and I hate it. I don’t even like to show my knees to the world lol.

To date a dancer/stripper though I think you would have to be very sure in yourself, be a confident, secure person. Wouldn’t the attention they get from “punters” put a strain on a relationship if their partner was apt to be even a teeny bit jealous? I’m not that secure I think. I like to think I’m not the jealous type, (although I was when i was young and silly). To answer your question then, no, I don’t think I could, but not because of them, or their job per se, more because of my own insecurities about myself.

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In a heartbeat, although the wife may object to the point of physical violence.Probably be better for all concerned if I pass on that.Shame really.

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@dutchbrossis – Sure.

I have had the opportunity to work around strippers and get to know strippers. On a professional level, doing commercials for strip clubs.

The Hollywood version makes them college students or hookers. Some of that is sort of true. It’s usually some place in between.
It is a social business, it is a job but part of that job is being part of the party. It translates to the constant “temptation” to take drugs and to make a good fast buck selling your ass.
Besides all the “studs” that want you, you being able to take your pick.
After spending some time in the dressing room of a strip club, I was turned off (in a way). Just like any locker room, the athletes are sweaty and smelly.
They tend to be a bit hard edged and arrogant ( I don’t blame them) from having their asses kissed all the time.
The cub owner (task master) wanting them to work all the time, naturally causing the girls to become part of it all.
Just like if you worked at a dance club or a bar. You tend to socialize with your co workers and the ones that hang around till closing.
In the sex business that translates to getting high, drinking and getting laid. Hey, girls just want to have fun too. ;-)
Part of the lifestyle where “easy” money and sexuality is what it is about. Girls that have boyfriends, those guys are usually hanging around.
They know, either they are around and their girl goes home with them or they take the risk of their girl being tempted by other, fresh, possibilities.

I am not interested in having to be so involved in HER job. Just to have and keep her.

Do date yes, threesomes are to be expected as plenty of the ladies are bi-sexual. Relationship? Rough way to “try” to developer trust.

For the RARE few that actually manage it as a job. Good for you.
But then again, any time the opportunity to get money for “appreciation” of their body is the job.

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I still can’t see the flaw in the job. All you explained was why you wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with one. Except for the drugs part which that is a personal choice, nothing to do with the job itself

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The “flaw.” Is there if you see one. You are the one that chooses or not to do it.

The question was, would you date a stripper?
I explained why I would not.
If you don’t see a problem being a party girl that makes a few extra bucks in the process.
Then no flaws, from your prespective..

I have no interest in that.

“that is a personal choice, nothing to do with the job itself”

That is like telling a coal miner that black lung is a personal choice.
Some things are an occupational hazard.

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All I was saying by that is a person can make the choice if they want to drink and do drugs or not. that is cool, was just asking for an explanation and I know you gave it. It just doesn’t make sense to me. sorry

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“that is a person can make the choice if they want to drink and do drugs”
And that person will not fit in, will not be a “successful” stripper.

A person will not and can not be a good bartender if they don’t drink.
You have to know the product, you have to relate to the customer.

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You don’t have to do drugs and drink in order to be a successful stripper. You just have to be able to dance and give good lap dances. It is also very helpful to be pretty and have a good body. Drugs are choices, not required to make money.

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If a few dates won’t turn into a long relationship then it wouldn’t bother me.

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Not that I objected much but house rules said her twizzer may not be shaven bald.

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