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Do you like a big city living or small town living?

Asked by shorty (244points) March 15th, 2008 from iPhone
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I am a city girl all the way. I am in a small town now because that is where my college is located at, and it is driving me crazy. I need a place where there is a huge airport and public transportation and high rises.

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I completly agree with modelchik4.

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thx babirurtle!!!!

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I live in a moderately sized town. It has about 200k people. We have nice bike paths and a robust system of public transportation. I get by just fine without driving. It has been months since I have been in a car.

I would prefer to be someplace with a greater population but this is alright. At least we have lots of shows and artsy things to do here.

But yeah, I like living in bigger cities.

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I like it somewhere in the middle. I don’t like places like NYC, L.A, or Houston. Someplace with 80k-100k people, with lots of nature and city combined, good transportation network and access to lots of shopping and things to do.

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Hahahahaha, I live in a town with about 2000 people in it. The funny thing is, thats nothing compared to the town I came from, which has population of about 60. I can do just fine either way. The only problem with small towns is the lack of things to keep busy. You have to be more self entertaining.

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I’ll take small suburbs for 1000 alex

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Small town, rural setting for me….

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I’m undecided on this. On the one hand, I love the conveniences and opportunities afforded to me via living in Philadelphia. I hang out with people I would have never met otherwise, I have my own DJ night which would have been unheard of in my hometown, I’ve learned a ton that I would have been ignorant to had I not moved here, etc.

On the other hand, I have two drug dealers living on my street. Philadelphia is as dangerous as it’s ever been. It’s a hassle to leave the city for any reason. Everyone is pretty rude. It’s always so loud. The whole situation is just a stressful one.

Every time a lease is up for me, there is a lot of soul-searching that goes into deciding where I should go next. Up until now, though, staying in the city has always won. So maybe that’s my answer?

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john Powell and I must live in the same damn city. He gave almost the exact answer I was gonna give. Seriously. Almost like word for word. LOL.

My hometown is awesome! I’ve lived here all my life and there’s not too much reason too leave. The state’s university is here in town, about 200k with the students, smoking hot chicks everywhere you go, like 5 good micro breweries, super heady buds, its right on the front range of the mountains, and everyone is all about having fun. Its hard to leave this place. Its like a bubble. But thats cool I guess. Its fun.

Sometimes I wants to move to a big city though. Lots of people in big cities. I love meeting new people all the time, so I think that part would be great. I also think the fast paced work life would be both fun and challenging at the same time. Who knows, maybe I’ll get out of the bubble after college and head to L. A. Or Chicago or something. You never know.

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I am a country boy all the way. Give me a lake a mountian or a stream and low a density village and I’m happy. Put me in big city and I’d be soon searching for a place to find some peace. Where I live now is country – but soon will be a suburb. The strange thing is folks move out here to get away to enjoy country life, and then turn it into just another suburb. Country roads and open fields are turned into house upon house and paved roads with curbs and street lights. Laws are written that say you can’t have animals, can’t hunt or shoot, and you can’t have out buildings unless they conform look like everything else. Soon the country look and peace are gone.

Sorry I rambled. I just find it to be a pattern that keeps hapening that keeps me moving further out only to watch it happen again.

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There’s a new trend I think will suit me just fine: urbanism. It’s where you live in a city (still way smaller than NYC & Co.), and the whole area is renovated to living and lifestyles. So you can leave your loft-style house, walk to the grocery store, clothing boutiques, specialty shops, movies and dinner… And walk home! Talk about getting more natural exercise! Plus, that type of neighboorhood has something suburbs lack – knowing who your neighbors are. In the suburbs its all about waving at the neighbor while you pile the family into the SUV, and live a wasteful life (judgemental sorry). In the new urbanism you are being a better citizen by avoiding excess, and gaining lots in the way of community and personal health…

I think I’m too excited about it, don’t you? ;D

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I loved living in the big cities in the NE (NYC, Boston,) until I was in my mid thirties and had young children. Then I really wanted to get them to a less urban area so moved to a grassy part of Philly – not Center City.

And once everyone had grown and left home, I was deliriously happy to end up w. lots of land in a rural yet friendly and culturally sophisticated community. (6000 people.) The only problems here are the disintegration of the dirt roads and the severe increase of tick population.

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I grew up in a rural small town. I could not get out of there fast enough. Now I live about 200 yards from a subway stop in Somerville, MA. This is called voting with my feet and my wallet.

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I have a need to live in a Metropolitan area, or at least very close to one, because there just isn’t all that much to do in a small town, after you’ve had sex with all of the available females.

I lived in a town that was so small, it didn’t have any prostitutes. So, I asked a police officer friend of mine why there were none in that town, and he replied, “Because she moved.”

Aren’t prostitutes supposed to move, if they wish to be successful?

But anyway, the reason that I prefer to live in a very large city, is because I have great difficulty falling asleep, without the sounds of screaming, gunshots and sirens, occurring right outside my window.

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