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Does anyone know if Obama is allowing BP to drill relief wells to stop the Gulf oil spill?

Asked by walterallenhaxton (888points) May 24th, 2010

I just studied a little petroleum geology and I was wondering why I had not heard of such wells being drilled.

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Yes, two of them.

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You do realize WHY the Feds have not intervened in the BP spill? when the Exxon Valdez oil spill of 1989 occured, Congress enacted a law that states the oil company will be responsible for any and all activities, associated with the oil spill. this means paying for the stoppage and paying for land and animal cleanups. i agree with Congress. the taxpayers should not have to bare the burden for the cleanup. i do agree that BP does not know what its doing. i also believe the Feds are no better off in education to cap the oil well under the sea. its a catch twenty-two situation, where it appears both parties are scratching their heads and neither has a solution.

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BP seems to be using standard procedures. The Admiral of the Coastguard in charge at the scene states that he has had personal contact with the CEOs of other large oil companies, who have been telling him that they would have proceeded in the same fashion. I hate BP myself, and think the are culpable, but there is no point in demonizing them for not taking the appropriate actions if we have no proof.

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@dpworkin Then again, the CEOs of the other large oil companies are probably all friends with the BP execs, and (1) it’s easy for them to say that since none of them are actually in the situation, and (2) even if they really would proceed in the same fashion, they all run oil companies for profit and would go with the most economical solution which may not be the best solution for the rest of us, as these things usually go… Agree it is a complex, frustrating, deeply unfortunate situation :(

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@lilikoj How could the most economical solution be not the best one? That solution would be the one that gets the job done with the least oil spilled and the least damage. It has been said above that BP has to pay for the damage. So in order for their solution to be the most economical it would have to be the one that allows the least damage.

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@walterallenhaxton Do I seem to be saying something contrary to that? I don’t recall having mentioned an economic parameter as part of my equation.

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BTW Obama has zero to do about off shore drilling and remediating this problem. The oil industry sets it’s own safety protocols and in the grand scheme of things has done a pretty good job of it till now. BP has fumbled the ball and it’s not just their fault… allowing the MMS to step aside and let oil industry make the rules is what is so wrong here. Inspite of redundant fail safe safety procedures this is one they the oil industry didn’t plan for and we are so fucked.

But this is a golden opportunity for Obama to “fix” the problem if he has the balls to take on the oil industry. Now we get to see just how important domestic oil is to America.

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I asked obama for permission to use the bathroom… NO RESPONSE!

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@Tomfafa Everybody should do that. It would keep somebody working.

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@Cruiser The new news is straight from Obama’s mouth. He is totally in charge of what is happening. He approves it all. We should hold him responsible. We won’t. Everyone knows that he is just a credit hog.

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@dpworkin I was not responding to you. I do think that all human activity has an economic aspect to it.

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