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It's starting to feel a bit like the old Fluther. Are you all happy with the changes, and the feel of the site now?

Asked by Jude (32112points) May 24th, 2010

I’m liking it.

Who I’m missing, though, are vet jellies who’ve hit the high road. =(

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I never did understand the problem others seemed to be having. I love the changes.

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I don’t blame it on the changes, but I’m missing a bunch of the old Jellies and also the very long discursive questions that eventually devolved into smack downs or silliness. I’m not sure why that isn’t happening since Social should allow for that kind of interaction. I hope some of the lurkers get more active again.

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Maybe the changes haven’t affected me much…maybe I take them for granted…I’m sticking around for now…but I’ve been getting distant even before the changes so I don’t think my issues are with anything surrounding them.

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I’ve only been here two years and lurked for quite a while before that. Fluther isn’t as free flowing and carefree as it was two-three years ago. It was bound to happen. At least there is this social section where you can kind of goof off without getting into too much trouble.

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I am very pleased with the current state of the Fluther union!

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I’m happy with Fluther. I miss some old users and hope they come back.

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The changes were inevitable. My initial problem was confusion over how they were implemented and interpreted. The rules on General questions about how humor and off-topic remarks can be made are still confusing to me. To avoid being modded, I use my own conservative approach (nothing humorous, sarcastic or off-topic under any circumstances). This is a bit frustrating; as a question will be sent to me, I think up an answer that might have humor or sarcasm in it, click the question, see that it’s a General question and click off, having wasted the effort of formulating an answer. It’s just a minor irritation, as many people now post their serious questions in Social to get around the restrictions.

The other issue I had, I never planned on leaving voluntarily over the matter, but assumed that I’d be expelled for doing what I considered my duty to a friend. Hence my erasure of all personal material that I had control over, I didn’t want it to remain in managements possession if I was banned. Many people thought that I was trying to get information out of curiosity. I already had information, but it was conflicting. My concern was whether the action was based on the site rules or the unpopularity of the user in question. If it was the latter, I’d likely be banned for asking the question. The fact that the question was allowed to stay up and users opinions were not “censored” answered my real question.

I still consider Fluther to be the best site I’ve ever been associated with. Like the 2003 version of AB with a per capita IQ level about 30 points higher.

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I see no need for the general/social separation. I think joking should always be allowed without fear of moderation.

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It’s hard without him.

I post silly things, I read silly things, I think of the Zebster.

(I’m secretly hoping he’s checking in anonymously sometimes and sees how we miss him and one day will pop in as a little evelyn or something and start all over. Who’s gonna sign this petition to call the zebra back (if the Andrew/mods will allow him? Is he banned for life or something?) And Daloon is probably just on a cruise or something. Get your mappy ass back here fast dude!

Bring back the Zebra petition: ____________________________________

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@zenele I’ll gladly sign. I really miss EPZ.

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^ me too.

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I am extremely happy with the new state of fluther. The higher quality of questions and answers reminds me of what it was like when I first came to the site.

I’m very very happy. I do miss a few users that have left us. Some not so much.

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@zenele He must have left before I joined. I’ll trust you folks and sign on also, for whatever good it will do.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Search his name and look at his questions/answers albeit one at a time for questions.


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Yes, I’m eminently satisfied with the changes and Fluther is a very worthwhile place to be. It always was anyway, even before the changes.

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I’m happy with the changes. It seemed a little stale for a few days, but it seems to be picking up again. I was unsure at first, but I appreciate how the General section works for those who just want an answer to their question.

I too miss some jellies who disappeared, but maybe they’ll come back. There’s still a lot of lurvely flutherers fluthering around here.

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I’m pleased. I hope some of our missing jellies will return after a newsletter goes out this week!

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Sorry, my friend, but to me it doesn’t.

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Maybe I just “don’t take it seriously enough” (whether that’s bad or good is up to you), but I really don’t think of this site as being that different than it was. I’m totally fine with how it is.

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@Jeruba You mean you do not like the way it is now?

@DominicX It’s certainly better than all the fighting and negative energy that was wis.dumb.

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@zenele, my comfort level now ranges between 5 and 7. Not too long ago I would have rated it at 9. I understand that there’s a need to attract new users and you don’t do that by catering to the older ones.

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@Jeruba But you are one of the younger, more beautiful ones. We cater to you.

When Jeruba is frustrated, heads will roll here.

* audible sigh *

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@zenele I’m sorry but the new avatar ahs got to go. It just is too weird to se her sighing over Jeruba.

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@zenele You can have Uncle Fester if you want.

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@janbb I think that it’s kinda hot. :)

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@jjmah Ah well – perhaps I’m wrong.

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Newbie opinion here:

I was starting to get pretty comfy around here, understanding how things worked. This change is noticeable but nothing terribly startling. I am on a semi hiatus and when I am back to regular posting, I shall have to be certain where and what. Of course, I came from a site that, basically, shot itself in the head so maybe that is why I do not think these changes are that drastic.

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@Arisztid I don’t think you are a “newbie’ any longer.

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@janbb I think I have knocked the bright, shiny noobishness off but still have a bit of that New Flutherite Smell™

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It seems I like this site slightly more than usual. I have taken a break from fluther for about a month so I didn’t realize the changes until last week. I think fluther becomes more useful now. I used to get unhelpful and indirect answer and even unwanted comment when I post some of my serious question here. With the ‘general section’ I can get better direct answer and with the ‘social section’ people will know when I don’t expect helpful/deep-thoughtful answer.

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Although I am missing some familiar faces, I am more than happy. I have learnt to like the changes and it feels like the norm now.

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I’m not a big fan of the changes. It’s annoying to have to click multiple links just to see my fluther’s questions when I used to be able to click one. And the separation of questions makes it seem like your questions are getting less answers than they used to.

And yes, a lot of smiling faces have faded away because of these changes.

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I have to click a couple of buttons more than I used to, yes, but that’s nothing. I miss some of the Jellies who were here when I started who seem to have floated off into the cloud. :/

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I still love it. I’ve always loved it. :)

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@chels We know who you really love….

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I’m good.

I’m not in love with it as I once was. But I’m pluggng away trying to reignite sone spark.

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I like the changes, no problem for me there. I, however, am starting to get dissatisfied with the feel of the site from a social perspective. I feel like so many more people are snarky, unhelpful, quick to take something the wrong way, etc. I answered someone’s question the other day and got what I felt was a completely uncalled for snarky response from the questioner. I almost walked away right then and there, I was so pissed and it kind of felt like the final straw.

I just remember when I first started here and it was a warm, welcoming community and it felt so awesome to be a part of it. No one would have ever snarked at me for answering their question like that. Now, eh. I think I might take a break for a while or leave altogether.

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@MissAnthrope Was the questioner a newbie, or someone who’s been here for a while?

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@Dr_Dredd – Someone who has been here for a while and who I previously had respect for. My answer was straight-forward and without any animosity whatsoever, so their response was quite a surprise.

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That’s too bad. If it was a newbie, at least you could hope that they’d learn to tone it down…

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@MissAnthrope – Pleeeeze stay!

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@MissAnthrope “Oh please don’t go, we’ll eat you up – we love you so!”

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@Arisztid Loved the “New Flutherite Smell™”

May I use it with newbies? Or is it trademarked?


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@zenele Well, duh – isn’t that what ”(tm)” means? Not that it worked for @dpworkin too well.

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@MissAnthrope Please stay, I’ll rip out his throat for you.~

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@zenele Well, ok, that ™ is a wee lie so feel free. :)

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@all – Thanks, guys.. it warms my heart to know that some of you feel I have a place here and would miss me. <3

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I would Miss…Anthrope.

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Awwwwww… (and hahaha)

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