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How can i see the season finale of criminal minds legally?

Asked by shimmer_96 (21points) May 25th, 2010

I know there are copyright issues, but does anyone have it on tape I can borrow or can email it to me? I am a huge fane and my kid changed the channel while it recorded…

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The season finale is this Wednesday (5/26), so you haven’t missed it yet. If there are episodes you have missed that you want to see, they are available on iTunes.

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cool thanks…itunes charge?

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It’s $2.99 per episode or $27.99 for the whole 5th season. Since the season isn’t over yet, the $27.99 is a season pass and you will be able to download the last episode as soon as it is posted. The previous seasons are also available.

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k thanks for the info…

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