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James Bond: Who is/was your favorite, and why?

Asked by AustieZ (366points) May 25th, 2010

Who is or was your favorite James Bond actor, in which movie, and why? For me, you can’t beat Sean Connery in From Russia With Love. Ultimate suave-icity and a cool voice.

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Sean Connery just makes the movie. His acting in the James Bond movies is legendary.

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Sean Connery is the most attractive. I don’t care for James Bond but I think Connery is a beautiful man.

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Daniel Craig, for me. He’s so cold and precise. It’s like watching a tactical weapon made out of ice explode.

Best movie- I can’t pick one. It really depends on my mood.

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I’m all right with all of them, although Roger Moore’s movies are a bit on the campy side.
George Lazenby only did one and I’m not even sure if I’ve ever seen it, so I can’t comment on him.
I did like Timothy Dalton in the one movie he did.
I’m more than happy with Daniel Craig’s take on the franchise. He also reminds me of Sean Connery.

So… So far, no favorites yet but I don’t have any major issues with any of them.

Not sure about Peter Sellers or David Niven, either, really.

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The ones with Roger Moore got me hooked on Bond-movies when I was a kid. I like all the movies with Pierce Brosnan, maybe because I have seen them the most. Daniel Craig is great as Bond, but the latest movie (Quantum of Solace) didn’t really feel like a Bond movie at all. I hope the next one will be better/more like the Bond I know.

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Daniel Craig that scene where he is naked tied to the chair with the monkey fist and rope is intense and insane.

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Sean Connery besides his good looks, he has that sexy voice and a little more talent than the others.

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But of course it’s Sean Connery.

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Sean Connery in general. Roger Moore in Live and Let Die.

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Got to comply with the guy above.Live & Let Die with Moore absolutely my favourite.Camp as christmas but that’s the whole point with Bond.“Of corsh Mish Moneypenny“as Connery would put it.

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Fat Bastard

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All of them lol. But since I am younger, I liked Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. Brosnan was really smooth and a badass like usual, and craig was just badass, people compared to his new Bond style to Jason Bourne, but I liked his action-packed style.

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Sean Connery…he fought my man,Robert Shaw,he did! Wooo-la!

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Roger Moore (because he was the first James Bond I saw). I also liked the two Roger Dalton movies.

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I can’t settle on just one Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan are the only reason I even watch James Bond movies. I can barely even sit through any of the others.

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Sean Connery.. Even Straight men would sleep with him. Just to say they did. He has a much more powerful stage presence than any of the other actors.

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@majorrich I would say the same about Daniel Craig. I think the Sean Connery fans are just the older fans.

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Sean Connery was always the one and only definitive James Bond. He couldn’t play that part forever though so it was natural they’d have to find a replacement sooner or later. Unfortunately, the later actors just weren’t as good as he was.

Timothy Dalton made for a horrible James Bond, by the way.

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He is hairy,
I am hairy.

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Connery in Goldfinger. Magnificent.

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Connery FTW.
The new guy’s probably my least favorite; he smells more like an Ascended Extra than a good Bond ought And the new movies feel more like political jabs than the old ones do, which doesn’t help.

@Bluefreedom There is a fan theory which suggests that “James Bond” is a code name assigned to an agent for the duration of his career, and that upon his retirement (or death) the identity is passed on to the next agent, likely along with things like personal histories and contacts.

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@Blackberry I beg to differ. I am most definately not an “older” fan, but Connery is still my favorite. He’s an epic uber-beast. And yes, I do have a man-crush on him.

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@Nullo. Interesting. I’d never heard of that before now.

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@Nullo wasn’t that suggested by David Niven in the fist Casino Royale?

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@Lightlyseared Possibly. Extra win points if it was.

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Sean Connery is my favorite 007. He created the role in effect. There was a 1954 version of “Casino Royale” with Barry Nelson, but it is rather obscure. Sean Connery is much like the 007 in the original novels. I am in favor of being faithful to books when they become movies.

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