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Has anyone had any experience selling kirby vacuums?

Asked by jaketheripper (2773points) May 25th, 2010

I don’t think I’m interested but I would like to hear what experiences other people have had

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I think this is relevant to your interests.

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I’m not sure now is a good time to be selling expensive vacuum cleaners.

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Ha Kirby. Really?
I have so many stories but I had a lot of fun too, but it seemed to me that the target sales were the elderly. I didn’t like that because the sales people were really pushy, when they wanted the sale. It just didn’t feel right taking advantage of them. That’s why I left.
But if you are wondering how well they work, they are good I liked it a lot. But the price for it, makes you rethink if you made a good investment.

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Too expensive, good product, people hate door to door salesmen and there has to be a better job out there.

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This is off topic and may get moderated, but I’m throwing it out there. My dad sold Kirby vacuums back in the mid-1940’s and that’s how he met my mom. You just never know what a job might lead you to!

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Don’t do it! Sat through half a full day presentation about a magical product that was going to make me a fortune during my summer break from Uni. When after 4 hours they pulled the curtain on this product and I found out it was a vaccum cleaner I got up and left!

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Very pushy into making the sale, and you have to be confident and good at sales. If you don’t want to be pushed into a sale by others, then I would suggest that you not get into this line of work. If you aren’t willing to do what others do to you, then don’t start. THere are other ways to make a living.

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When my daughter was 2 she went through a phase where she didn’t like wear clothes. We had a pesky Kirby vacuum salesman talk his way into the house promising he would only be 15 minutes. After he was there for an hour and a bit when she came flying down hall naked laughing and giggling. My hubby swept her up and told the guy her really needed to leave.

My sister bought a Kirby 20 years ago and I really think she was scammed.

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No experience selling them; I owned one for 35 years, gave it away, it’s still going. Point is, they are very reliable products.

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i sold kirby for a month. in my area they are high pressure sales. the worst i saw was 8 guys surrounding an old lady practically forcing her to sign the contract, they won’t take no for an answer. the training requires you to use many sales people to keep the argument going. and the mandatory morning meetings are ridiculous and embarrassing. good product, very over-priced. good experience and good money if it suits you.

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