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Does anyone think this might help fluther's general question section?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10277points) May 25th, 2010

If there were a way to give one answer the nod as the most helpful, or something to suggest that the way the answerer answered left the questioner feeling full as a tick with what they wanted to know.

This is sort of like yahoo’s best answer, but i think that when an answer does come it is good for someone to get the nod that the question got answered to the satisfaction of the asker.

Maybe for the first day the question is asked the asker gets to pick who the best answer giver is, and then after that if they haven’t decided a running vote will keep the best answer for each question going.

Just a thought. Do you think this would help?

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I think most questions don’t have a single best answer.

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My opinion: slippery slope.

Next thing you know, a “best answer” will be worth more “points,” and it will become competitive, and we’ll be seeing lists of top “best answer” winners. Questions will have to be closed and judged. To prevent favoritism in judging, maybe responders will have to be cloaked (sound familiar to anyone?). Disappointed contenders will post angry retorts, and there’ll be accusations of cliques and gaming. What’s more, ignorant askers are unlikely to recognize an actual best answer in which an informed person is providing new information that the asker doesn’t already agree with.

Presto, whole new site philosophy.

Besides, we’re already on the road to too much complexity now.

I like the cumulative-collaborative aspect of what we have. People can build on one another’s good answers without trying to defeat them in contending for a prize.

If the asker wants to single out a response and compliment it or say thanks, he or she can post a message to that effect.

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Doing the whole “Best Answer” thing is a really horrible idea no offense. Fluther isn’t a game or a competition and there’s no need to turn it into one.
‘Nuff said.

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When I read an answer I really like, I just PM the jelly and say so.

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I thought that was the general point of the GAs (without singling out one specific answer).

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I like @Jeruba‘s answer… :-P

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I like @YARNLADY‘s answer as that is what I do.

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Would not be for me, whenever i think about giving someone kudos for their answer (to my question) i already feel that i miss-appreciate the others who gave (almost as) good answers too.

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Not necessary. When you see AstroChuck after a posting you know it’s the best answer.

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That’s what the GA button is for.

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If you read down the line and see a lot of great answers…doesn’t that do the same thing? I’m against “big flutherment”.

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For a few days you could see if the person that asked the question gave you a GA. It turned “Great Answer” (3points) into red. I really liked the idea but it was a bit ugly. It was a bit “In your face”. I would like it to come back with some pretty.

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