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How to make a fake sandwich?

Asked by xTheDreamer (894points) May 25th, 2010

Does anyone know how to make a fake sandwich in one day?
I want to prank a friend of mine with a fake sandwich, I would buy a fake sandwich but we don’t have a prank store here so yea… :/

Or do anyone know any site that would show me how to make a fake one? I need to make it before Friday thus please let me know a.s.a.p!

Thanks beforehand.

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You will no longer be an orphan…

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You need to pick your materials…wood,clay wax might work…
You could put somethin in the sandwich…
I slipped a piece of notepaper in my brother’s ham sandwich…yes,it amused me.;)
Don’t get any ideas,Buster! lol

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Use a sponge for the bread.

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Go ask the same question at your local Art College. I bet they would like the challenge.

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@lloydbird We don’t have an art college…we’re an island…..

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Pick nongooey ingredients and spray it with acrylic until it is sealed and you have a real fake sandwich.
some delis do this

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Why not a knuckle sammich or a shit sammich? My dad always used to try and trick me with those.

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@xTheDreamer Well, your equivalent then.

p.s. you’re “an island”?

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Put a fake between two slices of Rye.

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@lloydbird Oh you know what I mean with island :P Was too lazy to type the whole explanation.

@Primobabe Aruba.

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@xTheDreamer Nice! So, you speak Dutch?

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Just pretend to make it.

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Get 4 Magic Erasers—2 for each half of the sandwich. Paint the edges brown to look like crust. Take Elmer’s glue, color it green to make lettuce, and let it dry on plastic wrap. Use air-dry clay to make lunch meat and sliced tomatoes.

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@Primobabe Yeah I do speak Dutch, how’d you know that we speak Dutch here :O

@PandoraBoxx Thanks, is there an alternative for air-dry clay? Like something I could make out of the things I got at home already?

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paper that looks like the food items. then maybe add clay.

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Balsa wood or styrofoam?

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You can buy one for < $50:

Scroll down about 60% of the way down the page. They have several types of sandwiches.

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@lilikoi Yeah….I’d do that if it shipped here in a day but no, it’ll take about 3weeks or so to get here and by that time the guy I want to prank is off to the Netherlands to study.

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The air-dry clay is the easiest to use. You can buy it at Walmart, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etc. It’s readily available as it’s a Crayola product. Anything you’d make at home would take longer than Friday to dry.

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@xTheDreamer Yeah I do speak Dutch, how’d you know that we speak Dutch here?

This may be difficult to believe, but not every American is ignorant of history, geography, and other cultures :-) I’m fascinated by the world around me and the people who inhabit it.

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@PandoraBoxx Eh, we don’t have such stores here. I’ll check if our local craft store have it but I doubt it, we hardly have any variety of products… Thanks though.

@Primobabe Oh I’ve never thought Americans are ignorant. It’s just so cool that someone actually know something about us, since we’re hardly known around the world.

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I’m grateful to this thread because I have been looking at fake food sites! I wish I could afford a collection!

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@xTheDreamer I know that Aruba’s a beautiful island to the north of Venzuela, and that it’s a former Dutch colony that retains the language and many cultural aspects. I also know that Sidney Ponson was knighted, but that was before he started to behave stupidly, get multiple drunk-driving arrests, and punch an Aruban judge in the face.

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@dpworkin you have the artistic/display skills to make your own!
Do you have the time or inclination?

Aunt Bubbie’s looks like real stuff coated with acrylic or epoxy.
Wish her pix were bigger.

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@anartist Thanks for the vote of confidence but I have no talent as an artist. I have talent as a critic, and as an exhibition designer.

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@exhibit designer? Me too. But then, you must know all about artifakes.

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I am always amazed by the model food at Japanese restaurants. Is this the level of accuracy you want for your sandwich? They probably have a catalog of where they get their props, unless the displays are the real thing and just really pretty. Usually they are behind glass.

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