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Is Europe heading for chaos?

Asked by Sandydog (1263points) May 25th, 2010 from iPhone

This commentator thinks Europe is now a tinderbox ready to go up.
People here are sick of cuts because of bankers/financial systems over which they have no control.
Interesting times lie ahead.

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Nah. Relax chum. Worry not. Those days are long past.
Just some chappie with a weakly provocative article.
He’s just trying to impress his boss.

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“Rise of the communist left”
I wish. During the recent state election in NRW, the Left barely got above 5%. While I hope and anticipate that the left will become strong enough to offer a good contrast to the established big parties, I doubt they will become powerful enough to lead themselves anyhere in the near to medium term future.

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I think myself that something is going to give.
Like the pressure that builds before an earthquake.
Just read in Digg that the Irish situation is worse than the Greeks.

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@Sandydog And yet I managed to find a full time job for the summer with good pay. I honestly think people panic too much whenever they hear the word recession.

Personally I think it will sort itself out (aslong as people keep working). I don’t think that communism will have any chance over becomming a powerful party.

I hope its not obvious that I know very little about what I speak

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Rubbish. Europe is far to dynamic to make such ridiculous generalities. The writer of the article is a simpleton, sensationalising to sell his article. A false paragon. Having oversight of industries is important, but controlling them is another thing all together. Shame on who ever picked up the story and published it.

Oh… and I must add, these things are written to activate the complete opposite to which they speak. Incite fear of the worst case scenario in order to bring the pendulum further to it’s side. Pathetic. Transparent. Weak.

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They need to __help__ the PIGS.

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What delicious irony that you used a Greek word to describe the place where you think Europe is headed.

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Every political entity will die, given enough time. The when and the how and the why are the result of more variables than I can safely catalogue.

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Interesting that the story came up after pressing the pre-installed icon on the I Pod Touch for finding out whats happening on the stock markets. The writer is apparantly from The Telegraph, which is one of the main right wing newspapers in the UK

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@Sandydog The Daily Telegraph perpetuates the deep rooted fear that a malevolent force will rise up and kick down the doors of leafy middle England, either this is a possibility or a scare tactic to justify the continual squeeze on the lower classes both here and abroad. Either way the Daily Telegraph needs to burn.

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@mammal Don’t you European types share the American ideals of a free press?
Of course, this is “didn’t really get 1984” Great Britain that we’re talking about.

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@Nullo well how free would you like it? free to disseminate any old shite, race hatred? Jihadist violence? Homophobia? or even the insidious class repression of the right wing press? Bad journalism is bad journalism where do you draw the line, pray tell?

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@mammal Every single one of those things that you listed is right in somebody’s books, and they have reasons enough to back up their viewpoints. Worse still, terms like “hatred” and “homophobia” are vague enough to be easily abused. Who gets to determine who’s right? You?
Around here, speech is protected until you’re actually calling for violent action.

Bad journalism doesn’t get read, the journalist doesn’t get money, and goes out of business. It’s self-regulating.

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@Nullo Ah, the miraculous free market in action. Obviously the self-regulating bit hasn’t reached Rush Limbaugh yet.

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Bad journalism is ‘journalism’ that is sensationalist, inflammatory, biased, full of fallacies, omissions, half-truths and even outright lies. But unfortunately, that is the kind of ‘journalism’ that gets read/watched/listened to the most. Otherwise tabloids would not exist, fox news would be bankrupt and Rush Limbaugh would be on the street begging for food.
As for the self regulating market, in the recent past we have seen how well that works. Not very.

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Most of the national newspapers in the UK are right wing, and the ones that are not leave a lot to be desired, so to get a “balanced” opinion is almost impossible.
The founder of the Labour movement in the UK was a man called Keir Hardie, and he must be turning in his grave if he seen what has happened to it

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No. But American hedge fund managers and FX speculators would love for this to happen, so they can make a lot of money. I bet they are wrong.

This doesn’t mean there are no problems. But compare the debt problems of Greece with the growing American debt because of the Iraq war.

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