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Help with Xbox 360?

Asked by xboxfan (110points) May 25th, 2010

When I open the disc tray, the green thing in the middle flashes while the ray is open. What happened?

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Does it continue to flash until you close the tray? And by green thing do you mean the power button? It’s normal for the power indicator to flash while the tray is opening/closing but should stop once the tray stops moving I believe.

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Yea, the power button. When i open the disc tray and stays open, it green thing in the middle flashes and closes by itself. It stops when it closes

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When the tray closes by itself right after you open it, this usually means there is some debris blocking the mechanism the tray rides on. Either that or you’re pressing the eject button more than once (unlikely though).

There are a couple options. If it’s in warranty, you can call Microsoft and tell them you have a malfunctioning disc tray… they should be able to replace it. If not, well then you can either open up your system and try to clean things out or do what I’ve seen others do in the past—when the tray tries to close, grab it and keep it open until it stops trying to close.

It’s a strange method and you run the risk of breaking the tray altogether but it’s worth a shot if there’s no other way you can get it fixed. You might also try sticking some air duster in there and hope you blow the dust/debris out of the way. Again, I don’t recommend grabbing the tray but I’ve seen it work before.

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Ive got my 360 at june of ladt year. is the warrantly over?

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I believe the standard warranty is 1 year for the console itself, 90 days for accessories, and 3 years if the console was a victim of a RROD.

You can get more information regarding warranties at the support site.

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Call more to find out about warranty.

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