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Question about cell phone pictures (see details)

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11657points) May 25th, 2010 from iPhone

My fiance’s mother recently asked for a picture of us for some wedding project she’s doing. The best pictures of us are on my iPhone. How do I get pictures off my phone to a device that will make an actual picture (like one I would get from walmart)? I know I can send pictures to my email and print them from a computer but I want a real photo. Any ideas of how to do that?

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If you can e-mail them to yourself, you can then download the photo from your e-mail, and then upload to walmart (or costco, or wherever), and they can make the real photo print.

You could also transfer the file to an SD card, and then take that card to Walmart and they can print from that.

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@grumpyfish‘s suggestions will work. You can email the photo to yourself and then download the jpg file onto your computer. Once you’ve done that, you can burn the file on to a CD, transfer it to a USB flash drive or external hard drive, or put it on an SD card or mini-SD card. Then, bring that to a Fedex/Kinko’s and there are do-it-yourself stations where you plug in your external media and they can print the photo for you.

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What photo organization program do you use, if any? iPhoto has easy plug-ins for this purpose. Alternatively, there are many companies like Walgreens or Walmart rhat will allow you to upload the photos directly from your computer, select the photos and location to print and voilĂ .

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A note to add on to what @shilolo says. As the husband of a photo technician who handles such prints, make sure that the pictures are a decent resolution!

This probably isn’t an issue with an iPhone, but I know for a fact that the only thing that pisses a photo tech off more than getting a 640×480 cellphone pic (0.3 megapixels) and asking for prints larger than wallet-size is when the customer complains that the pics look like they were done with Legos due to the huge pixels. Real life is not CSI; photos do not have infinite resolution!

Now, the iPhone has a decent enough camera (2 MP) that you could might get some good-looking 4×6” prints, but if you go to enlarge them then they will look like crap. You might get away with 5×7”, but even an 8×10” will get iffy.

My point is this; don’t expect greatness from phone pics unless you have a phone with a better camera than the iPhone has. The HTC Droid Incredible has an 8-megapixel camera that can yield a great 16×20” print, and the Motorola Droid has a 5MP camera for a good 8×10” print. The iPhone…. well, just because it takes pictures, that doesn’t mean that it’s a camera.

See here for ideas on how to translate megapixels to print size.

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@jerv The more I read your responses, the more I’m starting to lurve you.

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take your memory card into a camera store. even if its one of those little ones, they usually have an adaptor. or…does the iphone just have a cord? well whatever it is, just take it in and they can print it.

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The default settings for emailing a photo from your iPhone results in a smaller, more compressed image that will not give you the best print. If you have a Mac, your iPhone’s photos will sync easily to iPhoto and give you original quality. You can order prints directly from iPhoto.

If you have to email it to yourself, instead of tapping Email Photo, tap the photo to reveal the Copy command. Open up a new email, tap in the message area, and choose Paste. That will give you original quality via email.

You can then follow the above recommendations for getting your file onto a removable memory card, USB jump drive, or CD and take it to your local photo lab.

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Send them to MotoPhoto or even to a CVS printer. It’s just another way of creating output, Digital RGB on photographic paper.

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