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Is my kitten having seizures?

Asked by Brenna_o (1776points) May 25th, 2010

Okay so I have a 3month old kitten. He is verry active, playful, and nippy. Lately I have noticed that when he sleeps he will throw his head back, eyes will come half open (and I see the back of his eyes), and he will twitch and shake really bad.
Could he be having seizures or is this just something animals do? Also should he be seen by a vet about this?

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When you say “twitch and shake really bad”, how bad is it, exactly? Both dogs and cats can have dreams where there legs twitch and kick quite a bit, but it doesn’t look like they’re out of control and flailing everywhere. I’m not a vet and I don’t know for sure, but I would think that if your kitty was having seizures it would also happen when he’s awake.

However, there’s always a possibility that he’s having more than an active dream and that it is seizures. To be on the safe side, I absolutely suggest taking him to see a vet. If you want, call a local pet hospital first and briefly explain what’s going on. If you can’t talk to a vet right then, they’ll have one call you back and they’ll tell you whether or not they think you should bring him in.

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Has it ever happened when he’s awake?

Some animals can be pretty active while dreaming as can some humans.

Have you had him checked out by a vet since you got him?

He’s also approaching the age where he can be neutered and they might be able to check on this as part of the pre-surgical work-up.

That’s how I found out one of my cats had a heart murmur. But she lived with it just fine for 19 years. Hopefully your kitty is just a really active dreamer.

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It sounds as if he may have a spontaneous sleep movement disorder, but don’t let the reference materials out there scare you about epilepsy. He’ll most likely outgrow this.

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It sounds like dreaming to me, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

I suggest you give your vet a call. Ask to speak briefly about something you’ve noticed in your kitten; you might have to call back or wait for them to call you back.

If money is an issue – sometimes vets even charge for phone conversations – then watch your cat very carefully until its next regular visit rolls around.

If your kitten is 3 months old, you should bring it in to be fixed in about 4 months anyway. Otherwise, all pets should have at least yearly check-ups; some pets even more often.

If your kitten is in all other ways acting normally – high energy levels, eating/drinking/peeing/pooping regularly, no diarrhoea, no vomiting (or not too much, anyway; cats do get hairballs, after all), no mobility problems, no scabs, bleeding, abscesses, or fur-loss (give it a head-to-toe physical yourself, check ears and eyes too), no sudden behaviour changes (like hiding or aggression, or even uber-affection if that is a change) – then I wouldn’t worry too much about this: I’d wait until my next regular appointment and then bring up my concerns with the vet at that time. But, if there are any issues in these areas, bring your kitten to the vet ASAP.

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At the very least call your vet, tell them you have a question, and explain what’s happening. It’s always better to let your vet determine whether or not they want the animal to come in. If you’re concerned enough about it to ask, it’s better to ask your vet. They’re more likely to be familiar with your situation and your animal and be able to give sound advice.

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This could be a dream state or perhaps a seizure. I would defiantly recommend taking your kitten to a vet for a review or look over to see if it is just part of his dreams or if there is a problem and what steps to take to help him. Though in regards to a seizure, he would most likely be having those during the day when he’s awake too.

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He hasnt seen the vet yet. Dexter is now 5months so we gotta take him in next month to get him fixed so ill have them check it then.

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