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What is a good birthday present for a male.

Asked by emoney1994 (94points) May 25th, 2010

you see my dad is turning 51 this july 15th and i wanted to know what i should get him.i thought about getting him a steeler jersey w/ the #51 on it but i dont know how much it costs.does anyone know how much it cost to get a steeler jersey made.does anyone haave any ideas on what i can get him.

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My husband enjoys his “I can’t be this old already” T-shirt we gave him.

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Is your dad a fan of all Pittsburgh sports teams? If yes, someone 51-year-old would have some very fond memories of the “We Are Family” championship Pirates of 1979. A Willie Stargell or Dave Parker jersey would be a terrific gift.

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yes he is a fan of all sports teams in pitt

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As someone of your father’s generation, and as a lifelong baseball fan, I vote for a Willie Stargell shirt. If you shop on-line, you can find your pick of styles and prices. Something tells me that your dad will love the gift, but that he’ll be even more grateful for all the kind, considerate thoughts that you put into choosing it.

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Your dad would have been your age in 1974. If he’s a Steelers fan, why not get him something that relates to the 1974 team, and reminds him of what it was like to be your age? They won the 1974 Super Bowl; perhaps get him a DVD of their season?

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A Sony PlayStation 3. I mean, sure, maybe at first he’ll be all “dude, what the hell?”, but once he gets the gist of it, he’ll be all “yeah!”.

It’s kinda pricey, though. Think of it as an investment.

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A lapdance, from a professional of course.

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