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What is a good way to train for a 5K.

Asked by emoney1994 (94points) May 25th, 2010

My school is having A mini marathon (3.1 miles i think).I need a good way to train my self.Does anyone have any ideas?

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Be sure to do your warm ups and stretching exercises before every running session – too many people go right to the run part.
Eat healthy food; fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains
Drink lots of water
Get enough sleep – each person’s requirements vary.

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What’s your current fitness level? Do you get regular exercise, and if so, what kind? When is the 5k? Are you hoping to finish, or to achieve a specific time?

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If you have a mp3 player podrunner intervals can be really helpful tool!

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I agree with YARNLADY.
You should also run at least a mile a day.

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I would do wind-sprints, and worked up to about ten miles every other day.

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There is the Couch to 5K which is a great way to train.

Just remember to gradually increase your running. Listen to your body and back off if it starts screaming at you.

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Start SLOW. Don’t over train in the beginning and depending on your level of fitness run a little longer every few days to acclimate your body to the activity. Eat healthy, get lots of rest and buddy up with other runners. Subscribe to a magazine like Runner’s World. And just as other’s have said don’t forget to stretch before and after the run. Don’t neglect the cool down period either. Listen to aches and pains your body signals and invest in some ice packs to ice after a run to keep down swelling. If you have knee and/or joint issues, train with weights 2–3 times per week to strengthen those areas to prevent injuries and wrap before a run in a clean Ace bandage.

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i think all ur ideas r great.i appreciate the help.i do try to run as much as i can the only thing is is i have asthma so its hard for me to run as much as id like.and by the way the race is over i got 3rd place.thanks guys.

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Third place? That’s great! Good job!

I wish more people would post back with results. Sometimes we have no idea what advice helped somebody.

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thank u.yeah it really surprised me because i have asthma and it really affects my running im not fast as it is.

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I am glad it worked out for you. It is very rude to ask for help from a public forum and leave out a very important health consideration

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