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Would this not be a good example of a closed loop paradox?

Asked by XOIIO (18243points) May 25th, 2010

Say you had a time machine, and went back in time, killed whoever was your father, and had sex with your mother. Thus you would be making yourself, who eventually would go back in time to do the same. Is this not a perfect example of a closed loop paradox? Also consider if you went back in time after that, and killed yourself before you had sex with your mother. Wouldn’t all versions of you dissapear unless you had a paradox machine?

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No, it’s a disgusting example of a closed loop paradox.

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See above answer lol.

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You could brake the loop if you, after having sex with her, would kill your mother too.
Edit: Or to be sure, kill her before.

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@Primobabe GA! LOL

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Wait, wouldn’t the chances of the, er, results of such a mating being “you” in the first place after the first trip back be infinitesimally small? And then how would that person know to go into a time machine, kill “you” and pull an Oedipus?

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These events would happen, causing the future events (time traveling) to happen infinitly. That is a closed loop paradox. You inturrupted your past, but made it so that you will always go back, and do what you did.

LOL these are hard to explain.

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Imposible to know, this has never happened before. I think…..

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