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What does being in a high school band mean to you?

Asked by Monarch (7points) May 25th, 2010

From being committed, learning a life long skill.

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My band sucks, because no one really cares. It’s really fun and it’s a good experience, but we don’t sound that good. I’m hoping to change that when I get elected Drum Major :)

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I wasn’t in school band, so I immediatly think “Dork”.
But I do have several friends who were in band, and they loved it, and said it was a lot of fun.

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I learned a lot about friendship and leadership. I was in Marching Band 35 years ago and still keep in contact with many of my old mates.
My son is in Marching Band now. His school has a very strong program and has been to state finals 30 consecutive years. They all take a lot of pride in this tradition of excellence and drive themselves often scheduling sectional practices on their own.

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Learning a lifelong skill for sure. Like becoming a connoisseur of wine where you can taste things other people can’t, when you study music you can hear things other people can’t.

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I was in marching band, and I loved it. It taught me time management, memorization skills, and just to have fun. I might not have been the drum major, or first chair.
The one saying that has really stuck with me was what my instructor always said “early is on time, on time is late.”

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I was in school and community band and I loved it. You definitely learn a lot about music and timing in an orchestra-like setting. I loved the camaraderie too.

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I wish I was in band! Everyone in my family plays an instrument but me! Some were in band and they liked the competitions and learning the instrument of their choice.One nephew is now a music teacher at a high school and my brother taught guitar for we have teachers and players.The beautiful thing is,that when they play ,you can see on their face how much joy it brings them and others! Having the ability to play an instrument is a gift! This is what and who I like to play like…rock on:)))

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I was in band as a middle schooler. It meant a lot. A whole lot. To all of us.

Then some kept at it in HS, but it was lamer. Much lamer.

I remember the HS band having a saying. They called it Juice Fire. The feeling they got when they were about to perform, and do a good job. Just the height of lameness.

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