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Is chlorine water good for your skin?

Asked by Plone3000 (668points) May 25th, 2010

Can bathing or swimming in chlorine water help or worsen acne? scars? inflammation? or discoloration of the skin?

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Chlorine is very drying. It’s not good for your skin, that’s why people shower after swimming.

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Chlorine is horrible for your skin, lungs, digestive system, eyes, etc.

I refuse to swim in chlorine

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Pools are often improperly chlorinated. It is not the actual chlorine that stings your eyes, has a strong odor, and can irritate your skin, it is the oxidized byproducts of chlorine after it has reacted with organic compounds. So actually, you can safely swim in properly chlorinated water, but Catch 22 is that most pool water is not chlorinated to standard.

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Not unless you’re skin is made of porcelain.

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It seems to dry skin out. I do know gasseous chlorine is really bad for you.

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Not usually. You should always rinse or shower after you have been in chlorinated water.
Once, a doctor told me the best thing we could have done (and did) was to immerse my son in a chlorinated pool after accidental exposure to poison oak. He was in poison oak during the day, our hotel had a chlorinated pool that night, we took him to the doctor the next day.

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Yes I suppose some skin conditions might be the exception.

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@YARNLADY I’ve been getting a rash of hives every summer or two, ever since I was a kid. The childhood medicine was Chlor-tripolon (I may remember the spelling incorrectly) but it was Chloride or Chlorine (not sure of the dif.) based.

Nowadays, when I get them (and they are quite serious, as the hives are both ex and internal) I jump in the pool for a swim – and they go away within hours, sometimes 12–24; but otherwise, it might’ve taken days with a lot of itching.

So I say yes, chlorine is good for skin that has a rash or allergy or hives.

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@zenele * * * Y A Y * * *

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If you have oily or dead skin, then yes, chlorinated water can actually be good for it sometimes.

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Chlorine was discovered through using chemical warfare. NO, it’s not good for you. Use food grade peroxide…with common sense.

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it will dry out your skin over time, but it will help dry out the bacteria in your pores that cause acne. just make sure to wash your skin and then mousturize to keep your skin from getting too dry.

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Chlorine is bad for the body. Sea water, however is wonderful. I miss swimming. sniff

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Almost all chemicals can be for good or ill. Chlorine bleach is an outstanding germ and bacteria killer. Even ammonia I remember as a child in summer camp was sprayed on jelly fish stings to ease the pain. In fact there are other cases where the ammonia in urine, (i.e. survival situation ) can be used in a pinch straight from the source.
R. Kelley is nodding his head in approval…

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It hasn’t killed me yet.

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Its not good for skin.

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I hear salt water is good for your skin, try the ocean maybe ha

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