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Are there more changes to come on Fluther?

Asked by jeanmay (3424points) May 25th, 2010

At the Town Hall meeting, there was some discussion about the capability to “hide” certain users, questions or quips.

Also, Andrew said: “We’ll be changing the way that modrated resopnses [sic] look as well, making them less disruptive and adding reasons as well”.

So how about that, then? Are there more changes in the pipelines, or did Fluther decide against those changes?

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Guess we’ll have to wait and see – I don’t think they’ll be dramatic changes, just tweaks..and really changes within Fluther take place often – it’s just that lately people are really uppity about reacting to them.

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I thank the fluther Gods that they are in continuous contact with us and they respond to the needs of the collective.

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I’m sure but not that I really care.

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I care, but I am not sure.

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Fluther Gods…capital G…puh-uh-leez

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I’ll defer to Andrew (or anyone else) on said blocking feature since I’m not 100% of the status of that feature but the less disruptive removed responses change (complete with a reason for its removal) is on the way. @Simone_De_Beauvoir is right, we have always continually launched new features and tweaks because we listen perhaps much more attentively than you might realize in order to discover the core issue that needs to be solved before making (very) calculated changes to address the issue. We put a lot of effort into our work so give things a try (or ask why we made the change if you don’t understand the reasoning behind it) before jumping conclusions.

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The capital G comment would have to be directed at me – a self described atheist. G or g, it’s all the same.

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@timtrueman Thanks! I think the “reason for removal” change will really be good. Sometimes it looks like users may have said nasty things that were subsequently removed, when they are just things that violate the new guidelines.

I appreciate all the hard work and effort of the Fluther team, and am glad to have an update.

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@jeanmay I am assuming you are a nice person (I am not always) and that you meant this in a kind, teaching way: “Also, Andrew said: “We’ll be changing the way that modrated resopnses [sic] look as well, making them less disruptive and adding reasons as well”.”

However, in the event that you do not know what you did with the “sic” there, I’ll inform you so that you do not offend someone the next time.

What you did was take Andrew’s typo, highlight it, repeat it and then type “sic” to say – “It’s his mistake, he made not it, not me – I’m just copy pasting it.”

Instead, you could’ve just paraphrased, or, copy pasted it, correcting it, and none the wiser. It’s not a legal document, it’s fluther: no reason to “show up” Andrew’s typo and spelling mistakes – or anyone else’s – anywhere – ever, actually. Except in a legal document, if it’s critical, or in the New York Times to show up the show off. When you get published, there, do it then.

I meant this in the nicest way (I can). I do think you did it innocently, and I am posting this here instead of PM for two reasons; we do not know each other so I won’t invade your private space, and two, it’s a lesson for anyone else who wants to use “sic.”


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@zenele Oh no, I had no intention of drawing attention to the mistake for the sake of ridicule! I was simply quoting directly from the Town Hall transcript and added sic without really giving it much thought. Silly me. For the record, Andrew was typing under extreme circumstances when responses had to be very fast indeed, so that’s why he had a typo, sorry!

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@zenele Of course, technically, you are correct. AND, you did suggest that jeanmay might be a nice person. But, I view it as jeanmay simply wanting to quote someone correctly. Nothing more. Good of you to explain it for some folks, I guess.

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@MissA It’s true; I might be a nice person, and I wanted to quote correctly!

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@jeanmay So…what could we use as an NPPT? Having a nice person “people tester” might be interesting.

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how about a time stamp of when the comments were left

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies There is already a sign of that just past the ‘flag as’ it looks like backwards P – called the paragraph symbol ¶

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@YARNLADY I don’t understand what you mean…click on the paragraphy symbol? If so, that doesn’t work for me.

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@MissA Hover over the symbol and it tells you how long ago the response was made.
@YARNLADY I thought @RealEyesRealizeRealLies was joking!

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@MissA The ¶ under every answer is a time stamp that shows when the comment was made.

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I had forgotten my hover craft!

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Put there by the Fluther ¶od’s

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Oh, those typos, like all my typos, are delibrate.

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@andrew I see! So now we’ve cleared up the issue of modrated resopnses, do you have anything to add about “hiding people”?

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I notice little changes all the time so I think Fluther is in constant evolution. For instance the icons on the tabs I am pretty sure are new.

~I also think it is very kind that the founders will post typos once in a while so that we who oft are spelling challenged do not feel so inept.

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@YARNLADY Oh how cool! I even tried it with some older comments and it woiks!

Thanks for that!

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@andrew My typos are mroe deibrate tahn your typos.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Sorry I didn’t take you seriously! Due to you whispering I wasn’t sure if you were making a joke: there have been other threads where the time/date stamp caused controversy, and I thought you might have been referring back to those.

@NeroCorvo I also noticed the tabs, and I like them. The only inept one around here is smee [sic™].

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@jeanmay one thing flut has taught me is to be very serious. yes, i’m a verry verry serrious man these days. no more joking around for me. nope, i’ve mended my eeevil ways and walk a verry straight and narrow searingly serious path.

oh… this is a meta Q… nevermind

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I’d really like to still see the ability to erase all the “activity for you” section. But I can be patient. I think… Haha.
Anyhow great job Fluther Gods. Your hard work and attentiveness is well noted in my book.

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Or… you can simply check and see if you need to respond to anyone which is only polite.

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There are three buttons, one for Real Questions, one for Questions anyone can post any answer to regardless of the topic, even if it’s an opinion and irrelevant and nothing to do with the q. And the fluther stuff button, otherwise known as General, Social and Meta; aka MattBrowne’s, Wundayatta’s and Andrew’s in da house buttons.

Chat has an unmodded, uncensored chatroom.

Lotsa people whining about geting prematurely modded and also freedom of speech, and I finally typed 50 words and it got pulled – waaaaahhhhh.

How about it an “unmodded” button, enter at your own risk, fourth category, for all those who like to fight and wrastle, and swear and rip everyone a new one.

Those racists, homo-phobes and just grumpy old men (and women – you know who you are) types could have it out in the – I don’t know what to call it – category.

Maybe Uncensored – with an 18 and over warning?

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@zenele Now that ^ is a very interesting suggestion.

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@SeventhSense Huh? Maybe it’s just late here but I’m confused.

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