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Can you recommend a FREE non-linear video editor program for Windows 7?

Asked by jerv (31032points) May 25th, 2010

I am looking for a Win7 program that can import AVI, WMV, MPEG formats at a minimum; dealing with FLV and SWF would be a plus.

The main thing I need is a simple way to splice clips. I don’t need fancy wipes, fades, etcetera; just the ability to set start and end points on clips and copy/paste them.

I do not want trialware that expires, or “crippleware” that I have to pay to unlock certain codecs. I am looking for full-featured and free.

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Just use windows movie maker and any video converter. AVD is a free download and works great.

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I tried the new Movie Maker and it has bugs. I need to know what clips I am working on instead of having the same image show up for everything. I mean, it’s basically what I am looking for, only I want one that works.

As for AVD, the only free one I found was trialware.

Thank you for your answer though.

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Yeah, windows media player is wierd. As for AVD the trialware has more that I need, it converts mp4, flv, and a buch of others.

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