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Want to leave Chattanooga tn for Cleveland tn...

Asked by applegate (61points) March 15th, 2008

Big cities not for me. Thinking of living in Savannah ga,
but maybe going to Cleveland tn for awhile.
does anyone know what Cleveland tn is like ???

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The curiousity has killed me – why are you moving? I’ve noticed your past 3 threads :)

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I used to live in Knoxville and did some work in Cleveland…. Very pretty mountains etc that you don’t see as much of in Chattanooga. Very country people. You know – “tire” sounds like “tar. ” very stixy. Not saying anything bad about country folk I’m a bit country myself. :)

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Yes, Cleveland definitely has a small town atmosphere. I live in Knoxville and one of my best friends in college was from there. There’s a huge Chuch of God presence there and some sort of Bible College, if I’m not mistaken. Nice people and a short drive to Chatt or Knox.


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