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Is there someone, other than your SO, whom you secretly fantasize about?

Asked by zenele (8242points) May 26th, 2010

How do you deal with it?

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Robert Shaw.
Knowing that he’s dead helps.

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Yes quite a lot of people actually. I go and visit Mrs Palm and her five daughters.

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I think no matter how much you are in a relationship and in love, eventually you would start fantasizing about other people.

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There are people I find attractive, sure, but I wouldn’t go as far as to actively fantasize about them.

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Yes, indeed. My partner Jenn has a business partner (aptly named Sue) who is so damn sexy with a cute little ass. I do fantasize about her on many an occasion.

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No. Does that make me really boring?

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@Leanne1986 It does not make you boring in my mind. It’s possible you’re completely satisfied on all levels with your partner and just don’t have a desire to fantasize about anyone else.

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@free_fallin I am satisfied…I can’t deny it!

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I don’t fantasize about anyone other than my husband.

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No but sometimes I wish I did so I wouldn’t feel like such a freak. Everyone tells me everyone else does but when I’m naked and having alone time or with my partner then I’m about them. My fantasies have to do with my partner, things unlikely and also things I want to get around to doing with them.

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