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What is the word for a written in amendment to a Lease Agreement?

Asked by ETpro (34505points) May 26th, 2010

If you amend a will, you do so by adding a codicil to it. Is there a single word like codicil but specific to leases and other such legal agreements between two parties in a business transaction?

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We called them attachments.

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@ETpro either: Amendment or Addendum.

@Cruiser Attachments would not necessarily be additions or amendment to an Agreement

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@njnyjobs Attachments were very routine “additions and amendments” to leases at least they were for our commercial leases. Covered all sorts of changes like buildouts, subleases, extra parking or storage arrangements etc. that may be negotiated to the base lease. That way we didn’t have to rewrite the whole darn thing!

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@Cruiser & @njnyjobs Thanks,. It’s a move, and I told the owners we had a cat and wanted space for a home office, but the boilerplate lease excludes both.

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Just make sure that any amendment is referred to on the main physical document, and do not accept a verbal agreement. Once you have a signed contract, only a written amendment can change it.

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@Cruiser I see . . . however, I can have Attachments as part of an Original Agreement, i.e. site maps, pictures, etc. An Addendum or a Rider would state additional agreements not covered by the Original Agreement.

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would it be a clause?

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@Cruiser Thanks. Fortunately, the owner saved me the troube of attachments or write-ins that need to be initialed. She pulled up Microsoft Word and rewrote the lease to address my concerns.

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Just remember that any changes have to be signed or initialed by both parties.

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