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What Flaws or Habits Do Males Have That You Think Women Tend To Not Have?

Asked by GrumpyGram (822points) May 26th, 2010

Do you think women are superior to men, generally? I do. I think the most obvious flaw men Tend to have is to be controlling. Another would be to think belching is funny. What other flaws do you find in males?

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An overwhelming need to fix other people’s problems. Women understand that someone might be seeking a sympathetic ear and shoulder to cry on, or that the person might simply need to vent about an annoyance. Men, however, tend to jump right in with (unwanted) advice and start telling the person what he/she should or shouldn’t do.

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We tend to divulge in a little trouser hockey from time to time.Give the gentlemans vegetables a good old shake, discreetly of course.This may be a flaw, but a fun one nevertheless.

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@ucme so funny!! “trouser hockey.” LOL

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Getting erections in public. Seriously…..Gimme a break….....Every gender has flaws, we are all equal biologically. That is like me asking who capitalizes every word in a sentence more? Men or women?

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“Do you think women are superior to men, generally?”
What do you mean exactly…, “Do you think..?” ~

We are in control of the remote controls.

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This is a false dichotomy. Males are assigned a privileged status in the U.S. and they use it, but other than that, gender has nothing to do with bad habits/behavior.

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@tinyfaery True that, sista.

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@tinyfaery ummm..just in the U.S…interesting!

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Nature vs. nurture? The question’s fascinating and far from being resolved. To anyone who believes that gender behavior is 100% learned and not at all inherent, I invite you to research the tragic case of David Reimer.

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@BoBo1946 I just said that because that is where I live. I cannot make assumptions about other countries.

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I can count on one hand the number of women who I’ve seen actually catcall men the way men do to women (and girls, too – I was first catcalled at 12 by a 40-something perv).

I always thought that that Diet Coke commercial from years ago with all the women gawping at the hot male construction worker while he drank that stuff was the purest bullshit fantasy dreamed up by some dude who wished women would work themselves up in such a lather over him.

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@tinyfaery would think it universal…especially in Iran, Iraq, etc…

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You will always find my clothes where I took them off.

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In those countries the gender difference is much larger. The plight of the Iraqi female and an American female are not analogous.

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@tinyfaery gender difference is much larger…ummm…a man is a man, is he not…regardless of the country!

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@primobabe Actually there are two kinds of nurturance; so-called communal nurturance and what is termed agentic nurturance. Typically, women display communal nurturance (but not all) and men display agentic nurturance. Agentic nurturance is “acting as the agent.” This is the person who will give you the steps to solve what they think your problem is. The communal nurturer is more of the hand-holding type.

I am more communal and my ex was more agentic. When a close friend was dying, I did the hand-holding and soothing kinds of behavior while she made sure the wills and powers-of-attorney, etc. were all in place. Both were necessary but very different contributions.

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It’s been told to me from more than one male that without religion and cultural/peer pressure then the male would be just fine fucking animals and children, torturing out of curiosity and boredom and murdering when irritated.

Do I think women are superior to men? Not generally but specifically I believe women to be geared to endure and inure themselves to adverse situations more successfully than men, just my personal experiences and observations though.

No, I don’t think belching is funny but women do it too. One of the things that bothers me most about men is something I’ve come to see over the years and that’s non hot men talking down any woman who appears less than magazine photo shoot ready. Where does a flabby, pot bellied, balding, drunk-in-public man get off putting down a woman showing a hint of being over 25yrs old?

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