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Which side of the bed do you sleep on?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26789points) May 26th, 2010

Let’s say you’re standing at the foot of the bed and facing the bed, which side is yours?

Do you stay on that side or do you travel all over the place once you’ve fallen asleep?

I ask because I recently heard that there was a study done, and it claimed that the majority of married women sleep on the right side of the bed. It applies to all of the married women that I know personally (myself included.. though I’m one to wander once I’m zonked out) so now I’m curious.

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According to your directions I am on the right.

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I sleep on whichever side is away from the door. In my room, it’s the left. In Rachel’s room, it’s the right.

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I start in the middle but I can’t say I stay there all night.

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Wait….switch the sides, I have trouble with directions!

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I sleep on the right.

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I believe it, that most women sleep on the left part, and thus the men on the right.
It’s because we (men) want to feel as if we were in the car, as the driver..
You will find that @ucme is sleeping on the left side…

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@rebbel I actually changed it… it was the right side of the bed. I confused my own directions.

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I’m on the right but I am not married, although I sleep with my girlfriend every weekend, she steals my spot and I sleep on the left when she is there.

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Well, in our bed i am the driver.

Seriously though, when my girlfriend was here with me last winter, we actually changed sides every two to three days, because we had/have one good and one slightly bad matress.
So instead of giving only me a back ache, we decided to share in it.

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I start on the left but end up all over the place during the night even when my boyfriend is staying with me.

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I sleep on the left side, as you’re looking at the bed…with three stories of pillows.

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I like to travel… sometimes levitate.

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@rebbel aww, that’s really nice actually.

@MissA that’s funny.. doesn’t your neck hurt in the morning??

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Yup i’m a leftie snoozer. @rebbel give that man a ceegar. Although in my case it has nothing to do with “driving” Rather getting one’s leg over is easier when mounting from the right.Tally ho.

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Thanks for the smoke!

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@TheOnlyNeffie No, Sweetheart, that doesn’t make my neck hurt. I may have exaggerated by one floor (!), but, it’s more comfortable to me…and, my neck is not bothered at all.

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Why, my side, of course.

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I sleep on the right side and am happily married (and you can count me as a woman for this one even though I dont’ feel like that describes me)

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The left – it’s closer to the bathroom.

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I am a male and I sleep on the left. I don’t believe I move around too much, but the sheets tend to gravitate toward my wife. Sheet stealer!

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I sleep on the right according to the way you asked the question and, um, my partner and I are both male. But he’s a driver and I’m not, and as we’re in the UK, we actually are the same way round as we would be in the car. Interesting.

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@Vunessuh What a happy coincidence, I sleep on the left.

* wink wink *

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Female and on the right always have always will no matter where I am in the world!

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used to be right when I was single, then left when I was married, then right when we changed bed (still with my ex wife), then still right when we separated, then left when I started sleeping with my current girfriend, now right again since we moved around the bed (even though it’s the same bed in the same room, but different wall).

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Thanks, i am dizzy now.~

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Whichever side my wife is not on. She changes sides depending on mood (then she’ll flail around all night anyway – she’s ended up upside-down before).

Now if my daughter makes her way into my bed in the middle of the night, I go to her bed – the princess bed.

and I’m ok with that. I’ve grown to like pink.

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@cprevite lol! (I have definitely found myself upside down more than once, so I sympathize with your wife.)

@downtide I think it’s interesting that the car scenario keeps coming up… I wonder if it has any merit. It makes sense in theory.

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When partnered, I’ve never claimed a particular side of the bed because I just get in and lay where it feels good. I think I’ve only ever had one partner who would state which side he was to have but that was to do with the weapons he kept on hand and the proximity to the bedroom door or window.

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At home I sleep on the left because it’s closer to the heater outlet. In hotels, I sleep which ever side is closer to the door, or farther from the wall, because I’m slightly claustrophobic.

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My bed does not have sides. It’s too small. :(

However, when I do sleep in a bed that has sides, I sleep on the right.

And this question makes me realize I know how a lot of people sleep… Others I know who sleep on the right:
– my dad
– my gramma
– my nephew
– my dad’s sister
– my mom’s sister
– my brother-in-law
– my best friend’s dad
– my cousin’s husband
– my friend Maria
– my friend Ashley
– my friend Laura’s husband

So… pretty even, in my observation.

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Also, on the top.


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I sleep on the right side of the bed, closest to the alarm, so I can hit snooze a few times before I get up.

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The other side.

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On my bed at home, it’s the right side, because that’s where the nightstand with my lamp and clock is. I always prefer the side of the bed with the nightstand so I can see the clock and be near my glasses (i.e. in hotel rooms), no matter which side.
If it were a bed with nightstands on both sides, I’d probably choose right just because it’s familiar.

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@MacBean it’s funny that you mention that, because thinking about this made me realize that I also know which side of the bed most of the people I know sleep on. That’s kind of an interesting thing in and of itself.

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Reading up on this post makes me realize I like most to sleep facing the foot of the bed, always have and maybe it’s because it’s an open and exposed feeling that’s soothing somehow. I told my partner just the other night I’d be fine with a bed smack in the middle of an open floorplan with no established head or foot just plenty of down pillows and air circulation.

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@Neizvestnaya that sounds AWESOME.

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