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What's the difference between embezzlement and stealing?

Asked by tecc (26points) May 26th, 2010

Read about what it is they seem the same.

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stealing is impulsive. embezzlement is crafty, conniving, thought out and pre-meditated.

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Embezzlement is a subset of stealing.

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Embezzlement is a subset of stealing.

ed. – omg I wrote this and came back to it to say more and mritty had written exactly the same thing. Is this really happening? Am I losing my nibd=== I mean, my mind?

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The difference is usually just a whole lot of whitewashing and excuse making by a, usually, white collar thief.

Embezzlers like to imagine that the skills they use to systematically bilk their victims somehow makes it a “loftier” crime.

It doesn’t.

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Prison sentence once caught.

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The spelling.

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Embezzlement is long term theft and should be punished in the strongest terms. I believe that a person that steals a car causes short term inconvenience and annoyance. An embezzler causes long term harm and possible death the the victims. The bigger the embezzlement, the greater the harm and this should be met with the greatest punishment. I submit that Bernie Madoff deserves the death penalty because of the harm he had done to people.

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Terminology specific to the situation

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They generally are the same. embezzlement involves stealing from an employer. mainly money.

Stealing is from a non-employer and from a known or unknown person or business.

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The difference is that with embezzlement, the defendant was entrusted with the property and stole it. The two are closely related theft crimes.

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No difference.

Both are a form of stealing.

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