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Is Laying by a Pool in 92 Degrees Your Idea of Pleasure?

Asked by GrumpyGram (822points) May 26th, 2010

Let’s say it’s 92 degrees with 65% humidity. Would you be up for sunbathing in those conditions? Not at the ocean but by a pool.

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Not right in the sun, but after a swim having some drinks under an umbrella or awning, yes that does sound extremely pleasurable.

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I agree. We get 102 degree weather here in TX. You HAVE to be by a pool. :)

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I wouldn’t have a problem doing that,but chances are I’d be in the pool via a spectacular cannonball.;)

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No, my idea of pleasure is related to… wait, how old are you?

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Yes, that would be my idea of pleasure. With a strawberry margarita in my hand.
@bob_ Please.. let us know what is your idea of pleasure? :-)

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Too hot. Too much sun. No way.

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I hate sunbathing, so it’s definitely not my idea of pleasure. I’d rather be sitting in the shade in a comfortable chair with a book in my hands.

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Do you mean 92 degrees on the protractor…

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I would get in the pool

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I’m not up for sunbathing in any weather, getting burned, dryed and crackling textured skin isn’t at all attractive to me.

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Correction I’d probably be in the pool.

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No. 92 is too darn hot to be outside in any humidity! I would have to be completely submerged in the pool to tolerate that heat. Now 75, laying by the pool or on the deck reading a book would be lovely.

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I would be in the pool but generally speaking I wouldn’t choose a typical “sunbathing” type holiday in the first place. I would be bored within an hour.

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When family members come over for Memorial Day to swim I guess it’s hard to avoid ? We’ll just go in the morning. Hope I live through it.

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