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Does anyone have any healthy french fry recipes?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10887points) May 26th, 2010

I dig french fries and ketchup. Yes. I do. I do not eat these calorie vaults though, because they lodge directly in your arteries after you swallow them. If you have a healthy french fries recipe that sounds good I’ll be sure to try it. Recipes you actually use would be ideal. Thanks!

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I’m afraid that may be an oxymoron.

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You can cut potatoes into wedges,drizzle olive oil over them and put on rosemary and salt. Bake at 350 or so until they are cooked and crispy. They are healthy and good but as @dpworkin would say, not really French fries which are sui generis.

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You can bake potato wedges. Coat them in oil, salt, and whatever other spice you might like, I’m guessing bake at 400, maybe 450 for a good 40 or 50 minutes. It will be less fat than deep frying. I’m sure there must be recipes for baked french fries on the web.

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I’m with @dpworkin.

And thanks @janbb just learned a new word – sui generis :)

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My new fry is baked sweet potato fries. Thin slice and bake at 475 with seasoned salt and and wash them down with a cold wheat beer…YUM!

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Yeah – I solve the unhealthy problem by not having them too often, but when I really want french fries, I really want french fries. One saving grace for me lately is that I can’t stand most of the “seasoned” uunpotato-y crap that is sold as french fries, so there aren’t that many places I can go to get my fix. (It is a subject of great sorrow to me.)

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I was watching one of the morning shows a few years back. Emeril Lagasse was on and had a healthy french fry recipe. I can’t remember which show it was on.

Ok I found the recipe –

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One of my favs. that is great with ketchup too is bbq diced potatos with onions and green chili peppers with olive oil & S&P in foil pouches on the bbq.

Ooooh…soooo good and only need the lightest coating of olive oil.

The fresh Serrano or big green chiles are best but you can use canned chilis, drained and blotted to get rid of the excess moisture.

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Which reminds me….a bit off topic..but…stuff canned jalapeno peppers with tuna salad ( no pickles /relish ) and crushed white corn tortilla strips…..good, good, good…sounds strange but delicious!

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@coloma no cans, as BPA poison is found therein

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Yeah, well…what to do, what to do?

It’s an option…just breathing is poison too.

One good hit off the school bus and brain cells flatline. lol

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@Cruiser People are throwing in baked “fries” which sound excellent, I’m thinking I will be try that. And then you bring in The BOMB.

Memorial Day is approaching and it smells like…sweet potatoes!! Dude!

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@jaytkay Just don’t over cook them and they will be the rage and cook twice as much as you think you will need! Make a bunch cajun style for a serious yum!

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I was told Grapeseed oil is as good/better than olive for monounsaturates. Maybe better for fries?

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Sure use a healthier oil like olive and less salt and a smaller portion. In moderation you can eat almost anything. Denial of cravings causes binges.

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@majorrich It’s more expensive and no real health benefit as far as I know.

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There is no such a thing as Healthy french fries. It would be like a healthy cigarette. :)

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Cut potato into thin strips (i.e. like fries) just have them the thickness you like youself. If you like them quite thick par-boil for about 3 minutes. drain in a collander and cover with vetetable oil (when still in the collander) wiggle them around a bit in the collander to allow much of the oil to drip out the bottom but giving a nice covering to the chips then cook in the oven at about 180degres C for between 35 and 45 minutes. cooking time really depends on how thick you like them and how crispy you like them.
I really want to try it soon with sweet potato but have not cooked chips in a while now as its alot of chopping.

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how about sweet potatoes? They are better for you and my friends love sweet potato fries.

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The perfect french fry recipe. The secret is twice cooked apparently. I haven’t tried it but I saw Bobby Flay raving about this one. But if you’re looking for healthy learn to love the spud and not the oil and move away from fried foods.

There is a restaurant not far from me that serves “Belgian Frites” with mayonnaise. As an ambassador for temptation I must say that a french fry dipped in mayonnaise is divine.

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Hardly healthy, but canola oil is a pretty good option if you must eat fries.

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