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Question for cat owners.

Asked by Facade (22902points) May 26th, 2010

How much would you say you spend on one of your cat’s basic needs per year?
This is excluding it’s first shots and the cost to get it fixed.

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I have 2 indoor cats and they get the best of everything – the best type of wet and dry cat food, pine kitty litter (that actually is the best stuff I’ve ever used!) and I would say they cost around $500 – $600 a year for just food and litter.

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$500/cat/year sounds about right. Maybe less depending on vet care costs.

$20 bag of food every month
The rest is vet costs, which could run anywhere from $0 to $300 a year.

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I only have one cat and I usually only spend about $10 a month on cat food… if that. I buy the publix brand. I’ve tried giving him other kinds of cat food, but he won’t eat them. He’s a very picky eater I suppose. I also buy the publix brand of cat litter. It’s about $6 or $8 for the 20lb jug. I went to the vet service at PetSmart and for my dog and cat it was around $300 for them to get all of their shots once a year.

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About 200 a year for litter, about 450 for food, 100 for toys/scratchers. That’s for both cats.

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My cat needs special kind of expensive food from the vet, because he’s too fluffy

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I can’t answer this question as a “typical” cat owner because my cat has had more operations than I can count. He’s both high-maintenance and extremely accident-prone. :)

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About $500 and that includes an average of 2 veterinary visits and high quality Natural Balance food.

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