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What is the most beautiful thing to behold upon awakening?

Asked by zenele (8242points) May 26th, 2010

Women, who love you, sans make-up, first thing in the morning, with the sunshine in their hair are bar none the most beautiful thing on earth – right?

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I can only hope I’ll have the opportunity to witness that.

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Lucky bastard. =]

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I may love, but my first-thing-in-the-morning self is not beautiful.

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From my dogs point of view, he doesn’t care what my wife and i look like in the morning. he accepts us just as we are…....and….he is waiting for his can of Pedigree, to take a pee and a long walk.

Your answer is correct.

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@zenele You just answered the question someone else posted: “What do you do to relax?” That image brings so much tranquility to me, I’m completely relaxed. Thanks.

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Mais absolutement! Especially the flaming red hair, charming freckles and sweet Frecnch soprano voice. Alas, no longer…

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Is this a joke? I try to avoid the mirror and look at the lovely, manicured yards across the street. Then the “attack puppies” jump all over me. That’s beautiful in a way. (smile)

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My partner realizing I’ve awakened and snuggling around me with a smile on his face while still in mild sleep. Sometimes his lips make pursing shapes like he’s giving me little air smooches.

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Without a doubt.

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Checking out the alarm clock and discovering that you still got an hour to sleep before it goes off.

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Ok, I’d like to update my answer.

Waking up next to the woman you love, looking at the alarm clock and discover you have an hour, then looking at the woman you love again, who’s wearing a beautiful, devilish smile—and nothing else.

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@Symbeline Good one.I usually beat the clock by several hours, then can’t get back to sleep. :^(

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@bob_ Good one – morning sex is the best. Smiles and all.

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