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If you could make any concept/philosophy/technology an instant reality, what would it be?

Asked by AustieZ (363points) May 26th, 2010

If you could take one thing, an idea, a concept, a philosophy, some technological achievement, ANYTHING, and make it so; what would it be?

To avoid the cliche cough world peace cough I’d have to go with universal compassion. ;)

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The “beam me up, Scotty” one.

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For things to not get more broken when I try to fix them. I mean that both metaphorically & physically.

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@Draconess25 Baha. I mean that in the nicest and most understanding way possible. “Why does everything I touch die???”

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Unlimited very low-cost energy, that doesn’t harm the planet or it’s inhabitants in any way.

I think that this advancement might change the world as we know it. I feel that so much of the conflict in the world revolves around energy production and consumption. I believe that there would be a massive re-alignment of the earth’s resources if we could all have equal access to energy. Less crime if we could afford what we need, because the lower energy costs don’t drive the expense beyond the reach of anyone. More usage of technology because the cost of producing and operating said devices is less prohibitive.

We’ve probably all been exposed to ideas about possible futures where people must contribute fewer hours to earning a living and supporting the economy, and have much more time to explore and create art, pursue advancement for it’s own sake, education just to satisfy our intellectual curiosity or serving others out of the poster’s mentioned universal compassion, which by the way, I appreciate. Compassion might be more universal when resources are more available to every human being.

I’m not sure about this, as there could be other mitigating factors that I have not considered, but this might be my best possible world.

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Peaceful anarchy without laziness or selfishness. Then, compound that with nanotechnological distribution methods that make 40-hour-week work, a thing of the past, for everyone; giving rise to more art, music, and planetary/human restoration.

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Quantum Computing.

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We would have cures for every disease, especially AIDS and STDs so we could all do each other again.

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I’m not afraid of the cliche; I’ll say it – world peace. (Anyone got a beauty pageant I can enter now?)

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0 impact, practical, unlimited energy.

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Laydeez “n” Genullmen. I give you, (drum roll)......The spellbinding magic that is invisibility. Limitless fun & frolics ensue with complete impunity.

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A car horn that shocks the driver you are honking at.

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A dash mounted particle gun for vaporizing slow and annoying drivers. and a horn like @ChazMaz wants just to tease them just before I annihilate them!

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Either a smarter-than-human and unalterably benign artificial intelligence that will offer us a feasible and optimal solution to every solvable problem we have, or lightsabres.

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@Fyrius I thought that was you.

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The ability to make phone calls to any one you want, any place on earth, for free, for everybody.
Should be, in my book, a human right.
I know, Skype and the likes.
I am talking from steady lines and cell phones.

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@AustieZ It doesn’t die. It just gets worse. There are many things worse than death.

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All these answers suck. I would want a gyroscope-like object around me the rings of which control eachother and finally an arrangement of matter, energy and dimensional manipulation.

Chaos formula would be nice too. Suppose pi comes close if it turns out there really is no solution but I’m talking about something that would pump out infinite and infinitely diverse information, starting at the beginning.

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I’d like to bring back some of the best minds…like Nikola Tesla, Einstein, Mark Twain…and many more to see how they would approach and address things at hand on our little planet, whose occupants (or oppucants) are wreaking havoc with the Universe.

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Yeah, that makes much more sense.~

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@Zyx I don’t know…maybe it’s one of those things in the column of, “You say it best when you say nothing at all”.

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A cure for old age, so that we don’t have to put up with hair loss, muscle atrophy, brittle bones and a decaying mind, and can decide for ourselves when to die.

Of course, the AI would probably figure that out too.

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Teleporters and Replicators would both be pretty nifty.

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Being able to get anything you want from robots and/or replicator machines without having to buy anything. If we had that technology, there would be no need for money. 99% of the world’s problems are because of money. Crime would drop to nearly 0%. Everyone could just enjoy their lives and do what they want. If they chose to, artists and writers and musicians would do their thing for the love of it and there’d be no issues with piracy or DRM or “fair use.”

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@zenele Love is a reality.

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A dream recorder! Gah! I’ve been wanting someone to invent one for years! :-/

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@DrasticDreamer that’d be nice. As for me, I’d like a machine that could also record the songs in my head. I could never get them down really because they come and go so fast. Neat idea.

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Unlimited power to do anything I want.

A purely rational approach to everything.

Proof of god’s existence or non-existence.

And some of the other stuff people have said…

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@DrasticDreamer – There was a science fiction movie a whole bunch of years ago about a dream recorder. I forget what it was called. I’ll post the title here if I remember…

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@DrasticDreamer – The title of that movie is Brainstorm.

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