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We have a new addition to the 10k mansion!

Asked by rangerr (15748points) May 26th, 2010

It’s Ivan!

Physics and science in general nerd.
Video game nerd.
All around nerd…
He’s one of the nicest and most genuine people on Fluther.
And a fantastic addition to the collective.

So cheers and congrats to you, good sir!

And thanks for listening to me bitching all the time. You’re a fantastic friend. srsly. 4rl. ♥

ps. sorry, Joe. You weren’t here.

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Way to go Ivan! congratulations!!!!
now go prepare your news segment

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Congrats for sure, he has always been one of my favorites!

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Congratulations, Ivan! Woohoo! 8D

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Ivan, we love you (especially I)!
CONGRATULATIONS! just want to tell you. that you’re such a great person. You’re one of the best jellies and ily! You’re such a blessing to the fluther community! :o)

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Congrats! :D

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Congrats Ivan you hit 10k YAY!

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Good for you. A great achievement. Congrats.

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Congrats Ivan. I’m just getting to know you now and I can honestly say I really like you. You are a really intelligent, very nice person. Welcome to the mansion. I hope you like cake, because I baked you one special.
cake for Ivan

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Congrats! You are a great jellie. And Random Ass Radio correspondent.

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So nice, we tried to post it twice! Rangerr beat me to it, and my party thread got removed. <cries>

Ivan, I’m so glad you stuck around even after all of your initial bitching! You’ve been a great asset to this community, and it wouldn’t be the same without you. Congratulations, you smarty-farty! :D

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Awesome! Congratulations!

I have to agree with the others, you bring a nice actual scientific perspective to Jon’s… well… let’s just call it Science by Jon™ (*Does not contain actual science). I hope your news segment becomes a regular part of the RAR show.

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Wonderful! Congrats on reaching 10k!

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!! Woo Hoo !! Congratulations

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Judging by what all these awesome jellies think of you, I look forward to getting to “know” you!

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Yay Ivan!
So you’re pretty much one of the smartest Jellies around. You’re good fun too. I’m so glad you’re here, congratulations!

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* Kongaratu-tu-tu-tulaciiions Ivan! *

I don’t know why but for some reason I don’t see you around much, but I guess that’s entirely to blame on me, because I have a lot of respect for everyone who already posted before me, and they seem to be unanimous in saying you’re the best and brightest Fluther has to offer :)

Those are some big shoes to fill, I’m keeping an eye on you! :p

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Congratulations to Ivan the Ten-thousand-able!

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Ivan ivan bo Ivan…...Hip Hip Horray!!!! 10 freakin K….Congrats!

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You know that Kaddafi (or however the guy’s name is spelt phonetically in English) is a kazillionaire and he lives in a tent. Why at fluther, a virtual Q and A place under the metaphorical sea, is it called a mansion? Does that mean the newbs float in a pond in the mansion, then at 5k they get to visit the help’s quarters?

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Yer brain scures me.

Smart kid, congrats!

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Congrats to Ivan…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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(does a little penguin dance)

I do hope you enjoy living in that great mansion in the sky…

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Okay, I won’t party-poop. Congo rats! Ivan is agreat guy – even if he is a geek.

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Congrats on reaching the big 1–0!!

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Congratsssss Pokéfriend :D :DD:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DDDDDDDD

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Congrats Ivan!!

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‘Bout time! Congratulations!

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Yay!! Congrats Ivan!

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Cogratulations, Ivan!

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I’m not going to congratulate you.

Now go outside~

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Congratulations Ivan!

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Go, Ivan! It’s his 10K! We gon’ party like it’s his 10K, we gon’ sip Bacardi like it’s his 10K!

Congratulations, @Ivan!

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Congrats, Ivan! I know we had our differences in the past, but I’ve come to see you’re not really such a bad person. You’re a great addition to the collective. You’re funny, smart, and opinionated. I wish you all the best to 20k and beyond!

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IVAN!!!!!! Welcome!!!

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Awww! Congrats, Ivan, my man! We’ve come a long way baby, haven’t we?! Since your avatar (which you have never changed!) first caught my attention in some random place on four years ago….and I clicked on it, and the next thing I knew I was thrown into some sort of twisting warp that spit me out in this spinning, psychedelic land called Wisdm. And the natives were havin’ some sort of crazy party! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here, and I mean, literally here, on Fluther sitting in this chair at this moment missing Judge Judy! If I could, I’d give you all my points. :) (((hugs)))

(WAIT!!!!! WHAT????? I’M MISSING JUDGE JUDY??? I gotta go, man!!!!!)

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Congrats Ivan! You rock! WTG!

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The irony is, of course, that he could care less about the points.

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@Val123 Ivan has changed his avatar. Atleast on

Okay, my real response: Ivan, I’ve known you for as long as I can remember. We’ve has good times and bad times, like those two hookers we married in Vegas even though we already had wives! Oh, wait… that was a Simpsons episode.

Now that you’ve reached 10k, you are truly one of the greats. Good for you and I hope the journey was worth it.

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Congrats. Well done.

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Congrats Ivan!

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Congratulations! Nice work!

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Well done sir, “I bow before your giant brain” ;) hehe

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Congrats Ivan!!

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Yay Ivan!! I actually had to look for this since it didn’t show up in my questions!
Congrats Sir!!!! XD

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Congratulations, Ivan!

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I FUCKING LOVE YOU JOE!!! Congrats on the thing here!!!

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@Rarebear I KNOW THAT!! But I don’t care about them either, which is why I would give all of them to Ivan, or to whoever else might want them! But I don’t have anything more tangible that I could possibly give in the internet world!

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Way to go, Ivan. Start exploring the next galaxy NGC-20K. Enjoy slowing down once in a while!

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@mattbrowne—Heaven forbid he should ever change his avatar! Did I tell you about that time I was watching Nova a couple of years back, and they were flashing pictures taken by Hubble across the screen real fast, and suddenly….THERE WAS IVAN!! AND HE WAS HUGE!!!! And then he was gone! I almost fell out of my chair! Seriously! I jumped about a foot! LOL!

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@boots I know…I saw him change it a couple of times, but not for very long!

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Ivan has always kept his picture of a galaxy.

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Oh yeah, congrats and stuff.

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