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What phone should I get?

Asked by mobilal (7points) May 27th, 2010

No real details

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I have just got the HTC desire, I really like it, the screen is very responsive and it is very easy to get to grips with. If you want a pda type thing I think they are really good. picked it over the iphone as I could get it for free and negotiate a better contract. my dad has the iphone and never wants to get rid of it apparently.

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I have no use for a touch screen cellphone. i went to T-Mobile and looked at all their phones and to choose the correct one for me. all of us are different, so your choice may competely different than mine.

I chose the Sony Ericsson flip phone in aqua green color. its perfect for me. since i wear hearing aids, the phone has a great feature for the hearing impaired. my wife has a Samsung Behold touchphone and wishes now that had chosen one just like mine.

I love this phone and i hope you at least give it a try at T-Mobile.

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I-phone, the best phone money can buy, can do everything on it except Bluetooth :(
tho handsfree kit works jus fine. Not to mention many free apps available so u,ll Neva be bored. I-phone 3gs is the 1.

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I have an LG env3 and I love it. Loads of features, Bluetooth, flip-up for keyboard for texts, and it takes pretty decent photos for a phone.

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I think you should go with nokia on this, they have some pretty good phones.

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Anything Android based. Google phones rock!

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An iPhone.

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One that you like. Look at phones, touch them, hold them to your face. Look at the price.
Press the buttons.

Then decide. There are so many out there. Don’t let marketing sway you.
Or others materialistic hungers.

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Iphone Iphone Iphone….you can have a Fluther app!

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Iphone all the way. Everyone I know who has one is in love with it. Never heard of anyone being disappointed in it. Using it right now in fact to answer this question :-)

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iPHONE ABSOLUTELY!! The new one is coming out next month!!!

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the iphone… its amazing… i absolutly love it… it does like everything!!

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